Cashing in on America’s Favorite Online Pastimes

With the economy improving by the day, more and more Americans seem to have time (and financial resources) for online pastimes. While some don’t require any investment other than time, and of course the cost of an internet connection, others do require some amount of capital to get started. Whether you are an entrepreneur flipping websites for a profit or simply looking to earn a bit of extra money online, there are a few ways to cash in on America’s favorite online pastimes.

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Facebook is second only to online searches via the Google search engine. From going to the movies to popular sports to online activities, Facebook wins hands down in literally every survey taken in the United States as well as abroad as a favorite form of entertainment. You can now buy and sell products on Facebook and they even have web stores of sorts within the Facebook community. Anyone with time on his or her hands with time to spare engaging an audience can sell products via their Facebook page.

Casino Games

As the economy improves and more people now have money to wager with, online casino games are taking hold once again. During what is now being called the ‘Great Recession’ few people had a bit of extra cash lying around so they really couldn’t afford to place a wager online, no matter how small it. There is some amount of controversy over why online casinos are not expanding as rapidly as possible, but it is thought that the reason is because a great number of people erroneously believe that online casinos are illegal.

In fact, according to Federal law, online casinos are not illegal, they just aren’t legal. In other words, some states have legalized online casino games while others, six to be exact, are considering this option. Sites like are making money both as a logical part of being in the casino business and from the ads they allow on their site.

Web Surfing

Then there is the web surfer. With Google searches coming in first place as the most frequented online site, it’s hard to dispute how much Americans like to surf. They spend hours a day just passing the time looking for things. What things? It could be random posts they find interesting or they may be looking for specific things in general like where to find specific products or how to DIY a project they are contemplating. There are all sorts of ways to monetize sites as well as to place paid ads on the search sites, so why not cash in on America’s penchant for surfing the web?

As each day goes by an increasing number of people are spending the majority of their free time online, either via mobile device or from their computers. With so many ways to monetize the web, entrepreneurs can have a field day looking for just the right niche to suit their own interests. The fact remains that there are literally billions of dollars in revenue each year in some industries, so why not cash in on America’s favorite pastime? Wouldn’t it be nice to bring home a piece of the pie?

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