CEOs: Increase Productivity and Decrease Dissatisfaction in Employees With These Tips

Whether you are an employee or a boss, you know how important it is to feel valued by the company to which you dedicate your waking hours. Employee and supervisor work satisfaction doesn’t just come from the occasional “Employee of the Month” award or from a simple holiday bonus check, but rather from year-round, consistent attention and action from the company itself. The following are some tips you can take advantage of as a CEO to make your employees feel seen, heard and appreciated! Take advantage of these suggestions and see how they can improve your workplace attitudes and interactions.

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Utilize Efficient Time Tracking Tools

Nothing slows a company or its employees down more than an inefficient time-tracking and attendance system. It may not seem like much, but attendance tracking can be a massive time and money waster to a company if it is not being properly taken care of. With an inefficient system, employees can more easily fudge their timesheets and derail your data to make it seem like they worked more or less hours in a week than they actually did. This can be a drain on your company as Human Resource team members spend time unraveling employee timesheets to see what went wrong. Having an attendance tracking system for your company can improve these and more issues.

Build Better Relationships

As a boss, you may seem untouchable to those that work for you. Building better employee-superior relationships in the workplace can improve communication all around. If you make yourself approachable and flexible, employees will feel more comfortable coming to you with both major and minor issues that may be having a larger impact than they thought. When these dialogues are opened up, you will better be able to spot holes in your processes and policies so that you can make improvements as you go. Take the time to listen to each employee, get to know them on a personal level and never assume the worst if they come into work with a disgruntled attitude — you never know what’s going on behind closed doors. Giving your employees the benefit of the doubt shows them that you trust them and value their time and opinions.

Acknowledge Victories — Big and Small

One of the best things you can do for the workplace is acknowledge your employee’s achievements. Letting your employees know they’ve done a good job with a task incites motivation and allows them the space to feel good about what they’ve done. They will feel more confident moving forward and will often times produce better work. By praising their victories and gently correcting their missteps, you are giving them the tools they need to work harder, smarter and better.

Increasing employee satisfaction and decreasing overall dissatisfaction seems intimidating for most CEOs. It may feel easier to press on with your own policies and procedures, but you may experience a quicker turnover rate and unhappy employees if you only focus on your own goals. Share the company’s goals with your hard workers and show them that you care by giving them more efficient systems and dedicating time to building a relationship with each member of your team.

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