Data: These Fields Saw the Biggest Increase in Remote Work Opportunities

Marketing, Media & Design, Project Management, Accounting & Finance Saw the Largest Gains as HIgh Paying Remote Work Opportunities Lept More Than 1,000%

New York, New York – If you’re looking for a remote work opportunity that pays at least $100,000, you’ve never had a better chance. Ladders, Inc., the career site for high-paying jobs, researched data from the top 50,000 North American employers to find which professional fields saw the most growth in remote work. The availability of remote work across all fields exploded more than 1,000%. In March of 2020 there were just over 7,000 high paying remote jobs available. Today, there are more than 80,000.

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Sectors with the Most Remote Work Growth

Ladders, Inc. data reveals the types of jobs that saw remote work opportunities increase during the pandemic. In March 2020, just 1.71% of high-paying marketing, media & design jobs were available remotely. Today, more than 18% of the high paying careers in those fields are available remotely. That’s a 974% increase. Project and program management also saw a massive leap from 1.65% of high paying careers available remotely to 14.84%, an 801% increase. The chart below details additional career fields that saw significant remote work opportunity increases.

Data shows what percentage of high-paying jobs in each field are available remotely.
Data Courtesy: Ladders, Inc. (For month-to-month data click here).

Available Careers

“With more six-figure jobs available remotely than in any individual city, this is the ideal time to find your dream job,” said Ladders, Inc. CEO Marc Cenedella. You can find thousands of high paying remote jobs on Ladders. Below, you will find some of the highest paying jobs available in each of the top sectors.

Marketing, Media & Design

Product Management Director at Wiley – Salary $200,000-$250,000

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Project & Program Management

Project Manager/Program Manager at IPM – Salary $150,000-$200,000

Accounting & Finance

President at Fundingportal – Salary $120,000-$250,000 + $100,000 bonus

Human Resources & Legal

Consumer Finance Attorney at Husch Blackwell – Salary $150,000-$200,000


Supply Chain Analytics Consulting Director at TechLink Systems – Salary $180,000-$250,000 = $50,000 bonus

Engineering & Construction

Design Engineer at Celestica – Salary $200,000-$250,000

Operations & General Management

IT Operations Manager at OSI Consulting – Salary $200,000-$250,000

Science & Education

Director Medical Education and Training at Sage Therapeutics, Inc. – Salary $150,000-$200,000

Sales & Business Development

Sales Director at Creatio – Salary $200,000-$250,000


Healthcare Engagement Director at a Tier1 consulting firm – Salary $170,000-$250,000 plus $50,000 bonus

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