Do you think you add value by dropping your pants and showing everything you’ve got?

Traditional sales people drop their pants all the time. They go into a sales call, do their dog and pony show presentation – it is all about them, their organization, the features and benefits of their products and services and how good they are.

Does that add value to the buyer?

Some salespeople think so as they feel they must educate the buyer in order to make a sale, so they drop their pants and show the buyer everything they have, regardless of the buyer’s interest.

There is no value in doing that whatsoever. If anything it is wasting everyone’s time.

The secret to adding value is to always look for ways to exceed expectations. To exceed expectations you need to know about the buyer. To know about the buyer you need to ask questions and listen. That simple act alone adds value. But it doesn’t end there.

Think about the things you are striving to achieve. Are you working toward success at any cost, or are you adding value to others along the way? If you add value to others, they will value you in return and cheer for the successes you achieve in life.

Therefore, let’s understand how salespeople can provide added value.

Value-added selling is a proactive philosophy of seeking ways to enhance, augment, or enlarge your bundled package solution for the buyer. It’s promising a lot and delivering more, always looking for ways to exceed buyer expectations.

You can see that being proactive, exceeding customer expectations, being flexible and able to customize your approach are important. However, there are other elements that also provide added value, like being buyer focused, asking questions and listening effectively, solving problems, being accessible and responsive.

Initially, the value added salesperson is a doctor —he diagnoses the buyer’s problems and then prescribes the right solution.
Value added salespeople define value in buyer terms, based on buyer needs, not seller terms or desires. When you define value in buyer terms, buyers pay for it with a higher selling price. Conversely, if you define value in your terms, you pay for it with a bigger discount.
Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. The salesperson’s competence and attitude are primary drivers of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.
Value-added selling is significantly different than traditional selling.
-Traditional salespeople sell products—value added salespeople solve problems.
-Traditional salespeople attempt to create the buyer’s needs—value added salespeople seek to understand the buyer’s needs.
-Traditional salespeople make deals—value added salespeople want to create a long-term relationship and make a difference.
-The fundamental selling skill for traditional salespeople is closing—the fundamental selling skill for value added salespeople is engaging – probing, listening and empowering the buyer to make decisions.
Here are some characteristics of Value Added
Attitude – the foundation of all successful people – a desire to be buyer focused
Integrity – ninety-six percent of buyers say that the number one thing they look for in salespeople is integrity. People want to do business with those whom they trust.
Empathy – this is the salesperson’s ability to ask questions, listen, understand and to view life from the buyer’s point of view.
Initiative – having an owner’s mentality and being proactive, being one step ahead of the buyer, not waiting for someone to tell you what you must do.
Knowledgeable – buyers report that what they want most in a solution is to deal with salespeople who are knowledgeable, or experts in their field. If knowledge is power then what you don’t know holds great power over you. Knowledge is empowerment.
Courage – this is not the absence of fear—it’s the management of fear. Value added salespeople feel the fear and do what they know they must do.
Discipline – Doing what you have to do, even when you don’t want to do it.
For now, decide on your answers to the following questions:
How can you exceed your buyer’s expectations?
What can you do to provide added value to your buyers?

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