Eco-friendly Methods Can Help You Save Money for the Mortgage Payment


Many people will commit themselves to eco-friendly practices around the home for the sake of helping the environment. Although this may be a worthwhile endeavor, these methods may also help save money around the home. Simultaneously, these implementations may improve your chances of keeping your mortgage paid each month. Creating a more efficient routine around the house may prevent you from wasting money as well as resources.

Improvements in Lighting Over Time

You may understand that LCD and CFL light bulbs are more efficient than incandescent units, but do you realize just how much money you could save over time? Not only do these improved lighting methods use approximately 80 percent less electricity while providing the same light, the lifespan of CFL and LCD bulbs may be up to 10 times greater depending on the brand. This means you may change incandescent bulbs at least 10 times before you change a CFL or LCD alternative.

Motion Sensing and Timed Light Switches

Motion sensing or timed light switches are not as expensive as many people may believe. For others, it’s a small price to pay for ensuring lights are turned off when leaving the home. This is especially beneficial to those that have children. The less money you hand to the electric company each month is more money you can put towards mortgages and loans.

Water Usage May Be Just as Important

The amount of water you and/or your family consume in any given month could greatly impact your budget. There are many fixtures you can install that will reduce the flow of water while keeping more money in your pocket over time. Devices such as aerated faucets and shower heads, timed outdoor water systems and many energy efficient appliances may greatly decrease the amount of water that is used in the home. If you don’t have the money to put towards water-friendly modifications, simple changes in daily routines can impact water use as well. For instance, taking a shower instead of a bath will use less water while keeping you cleaner overall.

Eating Healthier Keeps More Money in Your Pocket

Living a healthier lifestyle is an excellent way to save money. When you monitor portion sizes and spend less time dining out, you may save hundreds of dollars each month. In fact, committing to an outdoor routine with yourself and the family may decrease your electricity use in the home. Activities such as playing at the park, going fishing or playing basketball in the driveway is not only providing the physical aspect of life that your body requires for proper health, but it decreases the time spent in front of the TV or computer which uses electricity.

Eco-friendly Technology Improves Efficiency in the Home

You don’t have to believe in climate change in order to appreciate what eco-friendly technology can do for your home. Manufacturers are developing devices and alternatives on a near-regular basis in order to help people save money while improving the environment. Do what you can around the house to save money and improve your capabilities to cover the mortgage payments each month.


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