Effective Strategic Healthcare Property Planning

Developing an effective estate strategy is a critical element to your organisational plan. A thoughtful, well-developed strategy is necessary to help your team plan for the future and to utilize your assets to their fullest potential. Effectively, a great estate strategy will foster efficiency while also enabling service improvements and providing for stability and even growth. Strategic estate partnering is bringing great scope to build a profitable portfolio with careful planning.

Your challenge is to provide your board with a comprehensive view of the scope of your plan, and the right estate strategy will help you to give the decision-makers in your organisation the information needed to make informed investment decisions so that the highest quality facilities can evolve from the efforts. At Prime Pcl, we are committed to facilitating the development of an estate strategy, and we accomplish this goal by using property as an enabling aspect of determining where and how services run.

Why Do You Need an Estate Strategy?

When determining how to allocate your resources, there may be a question about the need for an estate strategy. With examination of what an estate strategy brings to the table, you will see why this is an imperative step to take. An estate strategy will:

  • Review the estate’s current ability and future potential to accommodate integrated working
  • Create a uniform vision for your team to work toward
  • Determine if additional services are needed
  • Focus efforts on improving the overall patient experienced
  • Promote the development of quality facilities that meet superior standards
  • Establish priorities for investing and disinvesting in different efforts
  • Facilitate competitiveness and efficiency in operations
  • Allow you to improve the use, efficiency, accessibility and quality of your facilities

What Is Included in an Estate Review and Strategy?

An estate review and strategy is a comprehensive solution to your needs. This provides you with an integrated business plan and a development plan for primary care with strategies that are tailored to meet your needs and objectives.

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