Facing Redundancy? Three Reasons You Should Consider This the Perfect Time to Get Your MBA

Being made redundant can be very unsettling, but it is something that does happen as companies change direction or need to cope with financial strain. Instead of seeing it as a disaster, the best way to cope if you are told your job will be made redundant is to look at this as an opportunity to make a positive change in your career. Your instinct may be to try and find a new job as soon as you can so you don’t risk being out of work when your redundancy payment comes through, but if you feel like you could be doing more as a professional than your current resume puts you in the frame for, it can be an even better idea to use the time and money to study for an online MBA degree instead of plunging straight into a job you’ll probably find unfulfilling.

Here are three reasons to use being made redundant as a sign you should start doing the MBA you’ve always wanted:

                   You Have to Change Jobs Anyway, So Why Not Change Levels?

If you have been made redundant from a lower or middle management position, then you probably can’t apply successfully for board level senior positions based on your current experience and qualifications, so you will most likely look for a job similar to what you had before. However, since you are going to have to change companies and work with entirely new people anyway, moving up a level or two thanks to your MBA isn’t really any more daunting than finding and starting in a new position would be anyway. You are being forced out of any professional ruts you may have gotten into, and with an MBA, for example one you could gain online from Northeastern University, you can ensure you are moving upwards when you move onwards.

                   You Could Start Up On Your Own

Finding a new job may not even be something you’ll need to worry about if you do an AACSB online MBA, because the course will teach you a lot of the skills you would need if you decided to start your own business instead. If you have an idea or skills you think you could set up with on your own, the MBA will fill in gaps in your knowledge, for example it will give you a very good foundation in marketing and finance.

                   Taking Time Out of Work

Redundancy can be a good opportunity to take a break from the grind of working for a company and reduce the stress in your life, and by committing to online MBA programs you can get this break from employment (though you’ll of course still be working hard on your degree), without feeling guilty about the time you are not working or job hunting.

There are few times in your life when you get a chance like this to legitimately take time out of work and pursue something important to you, so it is a good idea to use it wisely!

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