Fat Burner: To Walk or To Jog?

So which is better for the use of fat burning – walking or jogging? The main difference is the level of intensity. If you walked for an hour, the amount of calories/fat you would burn would be less than if you were to jog for an hour. If you walk for 2 hours, it could help you burn off the same amount as jogging for one hour.

The best long term solution is walking and brisk walking. Brisk walking is just walking fast. I mostly do a mix of walking and brisk walking to change up the pace a bit. I may start off with brisk walking for 15 minutes and then slow down to normal walking for 15 minutes. On the way home I will do the same. The difference with walking and jogging is that jogging is more intense and will burn energy faster and in less time than walking will. The more intense the exercise then the more energy you will burn up during and after the process.

After your stretching exercises, immediately move into walking or brisk walking. You can walk around your neighborhood or walk to the nearest park. Maybe pick a destination like the closest department store or coffee shop to walk to as your goal.

If you feel really out of shape and the stretching really got to you – it’s okay. Just start by taking a few minutes to walk to the end of your street and back or half a block. Little by little you will increase the distance for walking daily. If you are in an okay condition and not too over weight you can start by walking 30 minutes a day. Even though being overweight has a disadvantage it also comes with an equivalent advantage. This advantage is that if you have more weight to carry, the more energy you need to push yourself. Ultimately this could mean the more energy you can potentially burn off in less time. After you have completed your walk it’s time for a congratulatory glass of water – and a small healthy snack if you’re hungry. Have a goal of walking an hour a day.

There are other small cardio exercises you can fit in throughout the day. You can park at the backend of the parking lot the next time you go to the coffee shop, the mall, and the grocery store or clothing store and walk a further distance to get to the entrance. Not only do you get some extra exercise but you reduce the risk that your parked car will get dinged by another car while inside the store – bonus.

If at any time you come across a choice of elevator or stairs – choose to take the stairs. If the company you work at is within 30 minutes to an hour from your home – start walking to work.

Cycling can also help you burn more calories as well as jump rope. (If you choose cycling, make sure you adjust the seat so that when the pedal is in the down position, that your leg is fully extended. If the pedal is not all the way at the bottom and you have your knee bent on the leg that’s on that pedal, you won’t get the full exercise – your legs need the full contractions to exercise properly.) Just remember that it’s not so much what you do but the quality and the repetition of what you do!

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