Gifts for Your Offbeat Friends

Does your friend march to their own drum, follow their own rules? If you have someone in your life who is not as conventional as your other friends, then gifts for them need to be thoughtful and well-planned-out. Cater to their interests and prove just how well you know them.

The Trendsetter

This person loves to try new things and always seems to be on the cutting edge of what’s cool. You admire their ability to spot the next big thing even “before it was cool.”

  • Check out their favorite vape store online and see what kinds of different flavors or accessories they might like to try.
  • Sign them up for a magazine subscription relating to their interests: Fashion, celebrities or music, you have plenty of options to choose from
  • Makeup can add up quickly. Give the gift of a monthly delivery from their favorite brand.

The Artist

Artists come in all shapes and sizes: From your musician friend with a huge voice to the introverted poet. If this person has the heart and soul of an artist, help to nourish that gift.

  • Creative jewelry can be deeply personal, especially when given to someone who already sees the world from another angle. Look for charms or pieces that remind you of that person.
  • Have you ever seen a quirky bag or purse in a store and thought, “That is SO my friend!” Check online to see if you can find it for a cheaper price; having a cool, personal bag to tote things around is never a waste.
  • Books are always a great present. There are endless options catering to every hobby, interest or issue that you can think of.

The Adventurer

You can’t believe how effortlessly cool this person is. They have been everywhere and have amazing stories. Celebrate that part of their life the next time you need to give them a gift.

  • A scratch-off world map makes for awesome wall decor — and a conversation-starter for visitors!
  • Compasses are a universal symbol for finding one’s way home. A necklace, ring or other pieces of jewelry featuring a compass can be sentimental and sweet.
  • For a more practical approach, why not get them something that they can use on their next trip? Search for an international adapter kit that will plug into walls near and far.

You love your friend for exactly who they are, so celebrate their personality when you give them a gift. Show them that you appreciate them for all that they are.

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