Giving Back to Your Community Can Make a Huge Difference

As you build your company from a small storefront to a huge well-known business, it is important to remember the roots of where you come from, the people that supported you, and the community that helped you succeed. No matter where in the world you began your company, you can help improve the lives of those living in the area that helped make you into the success you are today. One of the best ways you can show the world you care about where you came from is by giving back to your community. Here are some of the ways you can give back and the advantages giving back may provide your business.

1. Public Relations

Public relations can be a touchy subject when your company has a campaign that comes off false or forced. Consumers can see right through most deceptive public relations programs, so when you choose to create a public relations strategy, make sure it is something you believe in and that your company can support for several years. As you build a reputation for backing in an area or community, you will find whole groups of people that are willing to use your products or goods because they believe in whatever it is you are supporting in that area. With the aid of social media and the ability of news to spread quickly between friends and family across the world, your public relations program could go viral.

2. Create Causes

Knowing where you want your company to go, what you believe in, and what your company stands for can help you create causes that will support your community and build strong relationships that last for many years. Ehsan Bayat is proof that giving back to the community can be a positive experience for your business and the area growth. His company, The Bayat Group, was created during an economically poor time for the Afghan people. Bayat focused on creating jobs for the ordinary Afghan citizen in a company that would be run by Afghans, employ Afghans, and thus build the surrounding neighborhoods and local area.

3. Exciting Employees

There has been a personal awakening of consciousness occurring in companies across the globe. Whether it is in matching contributions to personal donations, supporting community activities such as ‘feeding the homeless by bringing canned food to work,’ or aiding in a local community cause, the moral and ethical behavior of companies has become more important than ever before. In fact, there have been social media campaigns that have nearly destroyed companies because of one comment by a company’s founder or CEO. Showing your employees that you care about what they care about can also build a loyal employee base as you allow them to create programs that give back to causes in the community that are important to them.

4. Recognizing Names

Free marketing may not be the reason you choose to participate in a fundraiser or charity event, but the benefit can be advantageous. When you support a cause, organization, or fundraiser, print signs, t-shirt, calendars, and magnets to use as free advertising. You will increase your visual presence in the community at the same time you help others in your area to improve their situation. Don’t forget, the focus of your participation in an event is to create money or sponsorship for the event, and although your name may be proudly displayed, garnering support for your community is just as important as your brand recognition.

5. Making Impacts

Being one of twenty companies supporting an event may seem like a good opportunity to help, but think of the good your company can do for the smaller charities that you truly believe in. Remember, your name may forever be associated with the charity, so it is important for you to have a personal interest in their goals. In fact, if you have a private story or history that meshes with what they do, you can make a bigger impact when you spread the word about what work the charity does and how it intertwines with what has happened in your life that makes you want to have an impact in fighting that battle.

6. Sponsor Individuals

One of the best ways to help a community is by helping the people within that geographic area. Whether you choose to sponsor sports teams, buy candy or cookies from a certain group, or choose one or two people to give a college scholarship to, the effort won’t be lost on the community. Word of your sponsorship will spread quickly, and you will be making an immediate difference in someone’s life.

Giving back to your community is one of the best ways you can help those that helped you build your business. Showing you care doesn’t have to take millions of dollars, it just has to be from the heart – and you can make a huge difference.

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