Money For Lunch Interview

Thank you for your interest in appearing on Money For Lunch show.

Money For Lunch is a top-ranked business podcast awarded Best of CBS Podcasts.

Our host, Bert Martinez, has interviewed thousands of elite entrepreneurs including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Forbes, Grant Cardone,
Hugh Jackman, and Dr. Joe Vitale just to name a few.

With over 2000 episodes and over 1 million monthly listens, Bert Martinez has built a media empire with a massive fan base.

Money For Lunch

  • Launched in 2005 on CBS Radio
  • Awarded ‘Best of CBS Podcasts’
  • Featured on Spotify, Pandora, Apple & Google and many more
  • 2000+ episodes published
  • Over 1 million listens per month

With over 200 monthly requests, we had to create an application process:

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An appearance on Money For Lunch includes:

  • A video interview via webcam on the award-winning, Money For Lunch.
  • Our team will strip the audio from the video and upload it to our podcast network. (Spotify, Pandora, Apple & Google and many more)
  • Your episode will be ‘feature’ in our weekly podcast recap email to our entire list.
  • You choose the interview topic and promote your latest project.

Guest appearance details

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