Habibi Boss Shahada Karim Highlights the Importance of Mobility


(Los Angeles, CA / September 27, 2021) — Wellness entrepreneur and Habibi Sport founder Shahada Karim believes in the power of movement.

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“So many people take the gift of mobility for granted; unfortunately, it’s one of those things that you don’t pay attention to until it’s gone. We often assume that our bodies break down and mobility gets more difficult because we’ve gotten older, but the truth is that chronic aches and pains do not have to be part of the aging process.”

With the continuing rise of the modern sedentary lifestyle, more people – particularly in the younger age groups – are developing chronic body issues long before they reach a predictable age of deterioration. Karim says the solution is, very simply, to get up and move. “It doesn’t have to be some kind of fancy workout – just get upthat’s the first step.”

Karim suggests starting simple with a walk, and then as you get used to regular movement, seek out exercises that interest and excite you. “If you don’t like an exercise, you won’t be consistent. So pick something you like so that you’re interested enough to keep it going.”

Not sure where to start? Karim suggests going online to find your ideal fitness fit. “Platforms like YouTube are full of movement techniques, workouts and trainers from all over the world.”

Once you’ve found something you like, explore the possibility of working one on one with a trainer in that specialty, or finding live and virtual classes to keep you engaged. “No matter what you choose, be sure to have fun with it. Working out should not be a chore. Take your time, and remember to breathe.”

To learn more about getting more fit and flexible with Shahada Karim, visit HabibiBodySport.com and HabibiBody.com.


The brainchild of yoga instructor and lifestyle guru Shahada Karim, Los Angeles-based Habibi Sport is a collection of high-performance products for the most discerning senses with a mission to help every human fall in love with themselves, by helping them reach their highest healthiest potential.

Long before we reached for the latest medications, supplements, and ‘magic powders’ to facilitate our daily activities… we turned to food. Whole food in its unaltered state contains more power and sustainable nutrients long term than any processed supplement you’ll ever find.

We are huge fans of tapping into the full potential of every fruit, vegetable, root, flower and authentic offering of Mother Earth. We believe in individual plans to suit body-types, energetic transfer and day to day life. WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN DIETS. We invite you to get to know yourself in relation to food, and eat to live your healthiest, best, most delicious life!

Tips for Small Businesses To Set Up A Wellness Program

We specialize in 3-week elimination plans (that’s about the time it takes to fully cleanse the body and set yourself up with a clean slate to replace old habits), and 3-month plans to make the change for the rest of your life. We help monitor your daily habits to keep you energetic and productive, and offer the opportunity to learn more about what you eat, when you eat and why you eat.
We believe in living the best life, inside and out. Take care of your body, and it will take care of you. Handcrafted with love, from our Heart to Yours.

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