How IT Companies Can Use Content Marketing To Get More Sales

Whether you’re an established IT company, or are just starting out, learning new methods to increase sales is never ending.

As new marketing methods soar to the forefront, and old ones become redundant and no longer useful, you have to learn to adapt in order to survive in such a competitive market.

In recent years, content marketing has become increasingly popular across all industries, but IT companies especially can benefit from this change.

By altering and implementing strategies that some IT companies have already seen success from, you will find yourself acquiring more paying customers in no time.

If you’re wondering how to make this work, this article will go through the five things you must do in order to get more sales when using content marketing as an IT company.

Create Solution Orientated Content

Some content marketers believe that they can create any content as long as it’s relevant to their niche and catches the attention of SEO, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

The most successful IT companies will think carefully about the type of content they are producing, to make sure it provides as much value to their target audience as possible.

This is vital in the digital age, where the internet is flooded with content, making users choosy about what they will and won’t read.

By thinking about the problems your clients are likely to have, and working up solutions, you will be establishing yourself as an authority in your industry.

This will allow you to build up trust with your target audience, and means they are more likely to make purchases when you recommend your own products to them.

Vary Up The Content In Their Marketing Strategies

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when creating your content marketing strategy as an IT company is to follow the belief that content only comes in written form.

Many industry experts believe that it actually covers audio, video and written content that is educational or entertaining, depending on the target audience you are aiming for.

With this being said, it’s important to make sure that your content marketing strategy includes a sufficient amount of all three methods.

One reason that IT companies commonly do this is that different forms of content will attract different people.

Some people will become instantly interested in a video, whereas others may like to see educational content written down. You may even find some of your target audience prefer hearing content advertisements in podcasts.

Essentially, you must diversify your content to make sure you are reaching as much of your target audience as possible by associating yourself with their preferred methods of communication.

Publicize Their Opinions

Take a moment to think about the presence of some of the most successful IT companies and the content they produce.

You’re likely to notice that they will, to some degree, publish content that highlights their opinions of certain matters.

This is because people want to understand your expertise and how you can apply this to real life situations.

If you’re struggling to understand what you need to talk about your opinion of, think about the latest technology and software in your niche.

Do you think it’s the best thing on the market, or is there something better for the price? Should developers have waited longer to release it, or do you predict it’ll take off in the next few months?

Talk about this in your content—whether that be in video format, or written as an article on your website.

Don’t be afraid of upsetting a few people, either, as 55% of IT marketers say that they look for thought leadership to help them choose between the companies they decide to partnership with. They want to know where you stand.

This isn’t to say that fact-based content can’t be useful, but remember there’s nothing wrong with injecting a little bit of your personality into your business, too.

Utilize Social Media

Social media can be an extremely powerful resource when it comes to driving more sales as an IT company, but it is extremely saturated.

In fact, according to Digital Authority Partners, there are over 60 million business pages on Facebook alone.

This means that you need to utilize social media is such a way that makes you stand out as an authority figure in your industry, as many of the most successful IT companies are already doing.

You might think this sounds difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

Simply think about how you can provide social media goers with most value through the content you’re producing.

If you focus on making and/or distributing computer parts, talk about the different types, and the effects of different specifications on the overall experience.

One of the most important things here is to remain active, as 87 percent of complaints, questions, and posts made by users on the above Facebook pages go unanswered.

By being one of the exceptions to answer them, you are building up trust with your audience, as well as credibility and relationships that will encourage people to make a purchase of your products.

Regularly Guest Post On Relevant Sites

In the past few years, many major IT companies have started writing guest posts for relevant websites within their niche.

A lot of smaller companies seem to think that this content would be better on their websites, but sharing your expertise through others can be incredibly beneficial.

For one thing, you’ll expose yourself to a larger amount of your target audience, especially if the site you’re guest posting on is bigger than your own.

This gives you more opportunities to acquire new customers, and start building up trust with those who may not have come across your site before.

This also allows you to increase your domain authority, which dictates how much influence your website has on Google, and can impact the amount of people finding your website.


By the end of this article, you should understand that making more sales from content marketing as an IT company involves thinking a lot about your target audience and adapting your current methods to meet their needs.

By implementing alternative content, like videos and audio, in addition to written content, and guest posting on relevant sites, you will be able to reach larger portions of your audience.

These methods will show your newly acquired audience that you value them and want to provide them with the most useful information, which will build trust that you can turn into sales quite easily, as discussed above. Not sure where to start? Check out this list of creative agencies that can help you with your content marketing efforts.


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