How Marketing an Online Event Is Different than Marketing a Live Event

by Alex Schnee

When you have had to make changes to how your event is going to be presented, you might need to adopt a different way of marketing it to your ideal attendees. This means that your strategy might have to change to accommodate the fact that you will need a different setup. Coming up with a marketing campaign that works for your event can take time and forward-thinking in order to make it a success.

Here’s how you can market an event that will do well—even if you have to transition from it being a live event to online.

Consider your main social media channels

While you could traditionally promote your social media pages without a budget or you could share that information on the event’s website, that is not fully comprehensive strategy anymore. You will need to do some research into which social media channels are the ones your ideal attendee is on. If you don’t know who that is, then you need to sit down in advance and write down a list of characteristics that you can use to market to the right people.

Provide upgraded packages

While VIP passes were always a good way to get fans more involved with events, this has become especially true when it comes to offering upgraded packages. With a WordPress event registration plugin, you can offer additional bonuses including opportunities to speak with their favorite artists or speakers over video chat, or to get special offers and recordings of teachings from the people they admire. All this can add to your bottom line and het people more excited about your event.

Send out information in advance

When you are hosting a virtual event, then you need to send out the information to join at least twice in order to help them attend without issue. It’s a lot easier to forget an event that you have signed up for virtually than it is when you need to attend in person. Make sure that they don’t miss how to log on, any other information they might need to know in order to enjoy the event to its fullest. You might also want to think about having a customer experience team available so they can assist if there are any issues.

Go through a technical run-through

While you always want to go through a technical run before you have an event, there might be plenty more components that need to be looked at and tested before you event happens. This might mean seeing whether or not your audio levels need adjusting, making sure that your speakers have quality camera and microphones available, and providing support throughout the event in case there are any glitches.

In summary

Running an event online can take some preparation that live events do not need. It can also mean taking a look at your marketing strategy and finding out how you can directly target the attendees you want at your event.

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