How One Young Entrepreneur is Turning Heads with Hair Extensions

Tiffany Scott Salon, offers easy to use clip in celebrity quality hair extensions, and is blazing a trail of empowered women

CORONA DEL MAR, CA (March 23, 2022) – Every customer that walks out of the Tiffany Scott Salon has a spring in their step. They leave feeling more empowered, confident, and ready to take on the day. This is because Tiffany Scott, the salon owner, has a mission of changing lives and building confidence, and she does it by offering the best hair extensions around, including exclusively offering keratin reusable hair extensions. Seeing a gap in the industry, she created a product that even celebrities like Kelly Clarkson and Selena Gomez wear.

“When someone walks out the door of my salon in Corona Del Mar, I want them to feel amazing. I want them feeling confident, empowered, and that they are ready to take on the world,” explains Tiffany Scott, owner of Tiffany Scott Salons. “I see first-hand the difference that my team of professionals makes in the lives of our clients. We offer more than just a hair appointment. We offer something that truly improves their quality of life.” For those who want to restore their hair’s volume and health may look for companies that offer hair restoration in San Antonio, TX.

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Tiffany Scott Salon is a luxurious beachside boutique with a sustainable business that is offering services and products only offered there. Scott has taken hair extensions to a new level. While most salons offer one or two types of hair extensions for people to choose from, at exorbitant costs, Scott offers four types of extensions that are affordable for you to achieve salon quality looks. The premier line of reusable, long-lasting keratin clip-in extensions feature the highest quality 100% real virgin hair ethically sourced from Eastern Europe, delivering immediate, luxurious results. With custom color match capabilities that come in 27 different colors, if you can’t get to aTiffany Scott certified pro stylist near you, then buy online and get your new look delivered to your home with a simple, easy to use guide to glam.

Scott is a “mompreneur” who started as a single mom, working hard to open her first salon at 24. Today, she is 33, has three kids, and has a boutique bungalow-style salon that offers luxury and elegance. Offering designer brand extensions that are professional quality, the keratin line of extensions is the first reusable on the market. Most important, the salon offers women the ability to take control of their looks and how they feel about them.

Tiffany Scott Extensions offers an exclusive line of hair extensions provided to other stylists, including professionally master hair extension classes. She is considered the elite brand, creating styles for other stylists. The exclusive hair extension line makes it possible for stylists to offer their clients an option that is:

  • 100% real virgin hair, sourced from Eastern Europe.
  • The first reusable keratin extensions offered, making them exclusive and highly sought after.
  • Available in natural lengths of 16” and 20” or volume and full glam.
  • There is a variety to choose from, including keratin extensions, volume weft extensions, original and invisible tape extensions, and clip-in extensions.
  • Available in 27 colors, featuring the latest and most popular options. Colors can be custom matched for a perfect look. The extensions allow for any type of cut and color, with custom color and lengths available by placing an order (custom orders take only 6-8 weeks).
  • Of the highest quality and offers the option to pay in four payments.
  • Highly marketable and upscale that can be offered to their clients, with full training classes available to master the technique of using them.

“My services are for stylists and salon customers alike. The emphasis is always on quality, not quantity,” added Scott. “I offer high-quality extensions for other stylists, and my full-service salon offers that and a whole lot more. If we can’t help make you feel amazing and confident, then nobody can!”

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Tiffany Scott Salon offers the best in cut, color, and treatments. Specializes in high-quality hair extensions, Tiffany Scott Extensions are the only extension company offering every type of extension: including keratin, weft, tape, and clip-in. The extensions are provided in two natural lengths and 27 different colors. The complete line is reusable and long-lasting (up to two years or more), helping to reduce industry waste while providing enduring results. Rediscover bold self-confidence and love what you see in the mirror, thanks to an innovative line that pushes the limits of what’s possible in hair care. Learn more at

About Tiffany Scott Salon:

Located in Corona Del Mar, California and owned by hair stylist to the stars Tiffany K. Scott, Tiffany Scott Salon houses master stylists that offer a full suite of services such as cut, color, styling and treatments, yet specializes in all methods of hair extensions with her famed luxury line of keratin-infused, clip-in Tiffany Scott Extensions. A-list clients like Kelly Clarkson and Selena Gomez trust Tiffany Scott Extensions to deliver lasting, magazine-worthy results. Scott’s proprietary selection of reusable extensions last for two years and feature 100% real virgin hair ethically sourced from Eastern Europe in 27 vibrant colors. Inclusive of all hair types, create a limitless spectrum of looks that make you feel like the best version of you! To order your custom extensions or book an appointment visit For pro tips follow @TiffanyScottExtensions on Instagram, and discover how easy it is to add to your natural length, get volume or go full glam with TSE!

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