How to Go Viral on Linkedin Pulse

Chief Fairy Godmother & CEO, Li Lin
Chief Fairy Godmother & CEO, Li Lin

A couple of weeks ago I started to seriously publish on Linkedin Pulse, and the results were amazing. I got 16k views on my most popular articles which was shared 66 times and was featured on the Entrepreneurship section of Linkedin Pulse. Another article I published got 101 comments after 2 days of publishing and caused quite an upset.  Still got featured on Professional Women.

Now that Linkedin Pulse has propelled me to the top 2% of most viewed profiles on Linkedin, I’d like to share with you how I went viral on Linkedin pulse so you can gain a great audience on Linkedin as well.

1. Speak Your Truth: It Pisses People Off

 You meticulously plan out an outline and a structure because people tell you that Linkedin is “professional” and that you have to be the same. You try to research and back up everything with statistics and numbers that sound impressive. You try to sound so much not like yourself, so corporate that there would be no way that anybody would disagree with you.

The thing that struck me the most was that I heard many people saying how “boring” Linkedin was. I was curious because to me, if you are on a social network and you have all the control over your content, wouldn’t it mean that YOU were the one making it boring?

I believe in having fun, even on Linkedin.

And what has resulted was a massive following that I never got in terms of guest posts OR Facebook OR any other marketing channel for that matter. I will say the only caveat is that if you want to be viral on Linkedin Pulse, it helps to love writing and love putting out consistent content, but you’re more likely to go viral when you’re speaking your truth rather than just rehashing all the content that’s out there.

2. If the Packaging Sucks, I’m Going to Second Guess Your Product

Can I tell you a secret? Before my most viral article went online, it actually had a totally different title.
The original title to “Why I Don’t Work With Men” was “Why I Only Work With Women”.

Nobody gave a shit.

Nobody cared that I only worked with women because it’s just, frankly, fall-off-my-chair boring. But when I made a slight change to the headline, I got a TON of attention, praise, and hate, and all that has fueled it to become a very much viewed and viral article.

I’m not saying that your content doesn’t matter, but if you can’t catch somebody’s attention, you’re done.

One very kind commenter was nice enough to defend me and even send me a message, and for that, just to inspire one person to say wow she feels the same way as I do, was worth it to me.

For me, it’s not click bait if you deliver amazing content.

3. Be Shameless & Share!

If you are not willing or proud enough of your article to share it, Tweet it, FB, Periscope it, then nobody else will.

Make sure that you are your own best publicist.

Make sure that you use all the buttons on Linkedin, including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and also share it to your network as an update as well as sharing it in relevant Facebook Groups.

I am not sure how the algorithm on being featured, but ever since I’ve been really actively trying to share on Linkedin, they have been very kind to me.

Remember that Linkedin as a social network is a company as well, and if you help them get eyeballs on Linkedin, they will help you,too.

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