How to Market Your Business During a Global Pandemic

Significant COVID-19 impacts on New York City enterprises may provide you with opportunities to reach out to customers and grow your revenue. Now is also an excellent time to rethink your content marketing strategy, like 70 percent of content marketers have. With more consumers spending more of their free time online, you’ll want to increase your web visibility to meet the increased use of social media and the internet.

You can maximize your marketing efforts during the pandemic in several ways, including leveraging the increased internet use and reliance on technology. If you need help or prefer others to handle your marketing or ad campaigns, working with one of NYC’s best digital advertising firms is an easy way to guarantee a phenomenal ROI on your marketing efforts.

Keep Creating Content

Pandemic-related lockdowns and government-mandated stay-at-home orders have more people spending their time online than ever before. As a marketer, this is not the time to slack on content creation. A global pandemic is, it turns out, is the perfect time in which to market and advertise, as more and more people are using the internet.

Content marketing, specifically, is always a great area to focus on for Google ranking purposes. Answer the questions your audience has regarding the industry. Doing so can improve keyword ranking and organic traffic.

Update Your Automation

Consider updating your automated business services or any other auto elements impacting the customer experience. Things like customer engagements, chatbots, or auto receptionists should be in sync with changing customer needs. You don’t want customers greeted with old material—like inaccurate business hours or location—that’s no longer relevant to your customers in the new pandemic situation.

Take some time also to look over and review automated activities like mass emails or ad campaigns. Ensure any auto-generated messaging or communication is up-to-date and sensitive to your customer’s new needs.

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Cater to the Clients You Already Have

Your customers want you to communicate with them, and they appreciate having their needs addressed during the pandemic. Focus on creating services or ads that address new needs for your existing customer base. Also, consider helping out customers who were impacted by the pandemic.

Last year, auto policyholders received $14 billion in COVID-19 premium givebacks from major U.S insurers. You can follow suit by issuing refunds for a membership or anything else that requires a significant financial investment. This will foster loyalty and trust in your company.

Do Not Decrease or Eliminate Your Budget

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted the profitability of many small businesses. Consequently, cutting or eliminating marketing budgets may be tempting, but it’s ultimately a costly mistake. The pandemic could be the best time to promote your business and beat your competition.

You don’t need a huge marketing budget to achieve real, quantifiable results. For example, social media engagements and email marketing are effective and affordable marketing options for small businesses.

Evaluate your Branding, Messaging, and Communication

Studies have shown that your customers want to hear from you, even during the pandemic. Start by studying and learning your customers’ or clients’ expectations. Then, create an action plan to market directly to your target customer.

Find out if your customers are concerned with current social/civil rights issues or pandemic necessitated self-care. Once you determine what your customer cares about, it will be easier to shift your marketing and communication/brand message to address those values.

Keep abreast of changing customer needs and maintain sensitivity to current events.

Invest in Facebook or Other Social Ads

Your customers are spending much more time on social media during the pandemic. As a result, it’s a perfect time to target and engage them using social ads. Facebook ads, in particular, are quite affordable and cost-effective and offer a high degree of customizability.

You can design and deploy ads that target specific audiences and help to secure an excellent ROI. Try to be consistent and leverage the powerful digital marketing tools available to maintain a competitive edge.

Switch Everything to Online

In-person gatherings or engagements with customers are no longer ideal or tenable due to pandemic-related safety concerns. It’s a good idea to start meeting or addressing your audience in virtual conference rooms using Zoom or Teams. This will allow you to host webinars and conferences and continue business activities in this difficult time.

After moving an upcoming event to the web, be sure to refund any fees charged to attendees for previously scheduled in-person events. Doing so can help build a trusting and positive relationship with your customers.

Make the Most of Pandemic-Related Marketing Opportunities

Small business profits may be shrinking during the COVID-19 pandemic, but this is not the time to neglect your marketing efforts. The current global crisis presents many unique opportunities to promote and grow your business, such as leveraging social media ads and otherwise appealing to a customer base that has largely become an online-only audience. Customers are eager to hear from you, and you should make the most of this opportunity by educating them and endearing them to your brand.

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