How to Plan a Bucks Party in Melbourne on a Budget

So your best mate is about to get married, and you have the responsibility to plan the best buck night he will never forget on a pretty fixed budget. Where do you start?

Well, do not worry because Melbourne has many activities you can engage in to make the day outstanding and memorable. So, what do you have to consider when coming up with some buck party ideas in Melbourne?

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Do the Math and Protect the Budget

Make sure you get a sit down with the groom and the other mates so that they can lay out the expectations they have for the party. Look through all the destinations, e.g., Brew & Fall Fest at Jimmy John’s Field, suggested early in advance and after setting the final budget, choose only those that fit within the set budget. Consider hiring a marquee hire Melbourne company so you can choose your decorations, caterers, florists etc., with suppliers of your choice. You can also tailor your hire package to your budget and requirements with ease.

Understand That Not Every Opinion Matters

Everyone will want to have an input about what he may wish to have at the party. As much as it is of importance to listen and respect their ideas, you are not obligated to fulfilling all of them. Remember, you have` a budget to stick to, and the responsibility of effecting it is all yours.

Send The Invites Out Early

One thing you don’t want is a buck’s party with no people to celebrate it. After setting the dates and planning your event itinerary, make sure that you send out invites early in advance. Do not forget to indicate the plans of the day and the total budget amount. It will help you to minimise getting disappointed by those who may not be able to attend the event allowing you enough time to make adjustments to the set budget if necessary. You should also look for tiered seating for sale if you’re planning to invite a lot of people.

Get ahead of the entertainment plans

Do not stick to the common entertainment ideas everyone else gets for their buck party. Melbourne has a variety of activities to engage yourselves. Get out of the box! Do something different. Instead of booking a Bar with strippers, bring the bar to your house. Let the topless waitresses bring the heat at your Melbourne bucks party. It sure will save you some cash. Get a mix of different activities: the more the activities, the fun the event will be.
What are some of the things to do for a bucks party in Melbourne?

3 Budget-friendly Bucks Party Ideas in Melbourne

A buck party does not have to start in the Evening. There are plenty of exciting activities you can engage in during the day as you prepare yourselves to end the evening with topless waitresses serving you beers.

Paintball Game

If the groom loves to work up some adrenaline, why not start the day off with a game of Paint Ball? There are plenty of places in Melbourne you can get to enjoy this game. Besides, the best thing is, it is not expensive at all! Paintball is an exciting way to create lasting memories with a few scars to show.

Enjoy a Go Kart Racing Game

How about getting into a go kart race track with your buddies and enjoying the moment in a beautiful indoor facility. You can find an indoor racing track in Melbourne’s CBD, where you can have fun without the worry of any weather change. If you want, you could look here shifter kart for sale and shop!

Organise a Fishing Trip

Spending an afternoon with friends trying to catch some fish as you reminisce all the great moments you have had is an excellent way to end your day’s activities. You may as well consider barbecuing the fish as you ready yourselves for the start of the evening events. Learn about fly fishing vests here.

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