How to Select the Right Personal Loan


Whether you are looking to fix up your home, plan your long awaited holiday, an anniversary gift, or are just in need of financial help in general, personal loans could be the perfect option for you. The popularity of personal loans has soared over the years, mainly because of their relatively low interest rates, especially when compared to the average credit card. Quick cash when you need it can be life changing; however there are risks, and any responsible person should have questions before making the jump. Below are some of the key questions you should have in mind when deciding whether or not to take on a loan, and if so, what type of loan is best for you.

Knowing your credit score – The quickest way to figure out whether a personal loan is right for you is to know and understand your credit score. This is because your credit score is what will influence your interest rate the most. Those with high credit scores will find personal loans convenient and affordable while those with scores on the lower end will be slapped with high rates. Thus, if you do have a lower score, the best decision may be to wait as personal loans may only get you into more trouble. If you don’t know whether your score is good or bad, use a credit score simulator before searching any further. These programs can help you learn the most effective way to improve your score.

Know why you need it – If a provider is trustworthy enough to take a loan from, they will also be trustworthy enough to take advice from. So don’t lie to them! Be honest on your loan application so that the provider has a chance to lead you to the best possible option for your unique circumstances.

Secured versus unsecured loans – While secured loans are backed up with some form of collateral, unsecured loans are not. Thus, unsecured loans will always have higher interest rates as the provider must account for the increased risk of default. Collateral usually takes the form of a car, a boat, land, or other valuable assets. While taking out a loan with the expectation of default is a mentality to be avoided, it could be a great way of securing a more affordable interest rate. Consider what forms of collateral you have on hand, and ask the provider to give you a quote.

Payment period – Before you ever sign up to take on debt it is important to understand for how long and how often you will need to make payments. While lower monthly payments can be great for those with lower expected incomes, this also means that you will be in debt for a longer period of time. This means that over time you will be paying a larger total amount of interest. Think about what best suits your life style. Bottom line is that you will be better able to avoid encountering unexpected payments if you are aware of all the payment period terms.

Company Reviews – One of the most important things to do is to research a company before you apply for a loan with them.  Here are some examples of online reviews for a loan website:

Chamber of Commerce

Brown Book

City Squares

The bottom line –No matter what financial position you may be in, prepare yourself by reading up on personal loans before making a decision. Audit your potential provider and understand the terms. Personalize yourself with what personalized loans are so that you can ensure that you get the most out of these financial instruments.

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