I Think An Employee Has An Addiction, What Can I Do?

As a business owner, you don’t only need to look after the company. You also have a duty of care to the people within it. Your employees aren’t only a crucial asset for the venture, but they are humans that you care about too.

A great boss will always have eyes peeled for potential issues within the workplace. If you notice signs that an employee may have an unhealthy relationship with harmful substances, you can’t sit back and do nothing. Whether it’s alcohol or drugs doesn’t matter. Quick action is vital.

The first thing you need to do is sit down with the person and raise your concerns. This should be a private affair as you don’t want to cause unwanted attention to the problem. Besides, your concerns may prove to be unfound. Whatever you do, though, you should call in an expert to help diagnose the problem. After all, most addicts are ashamed of their problem and will try to hide it at any cost.

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Assuming that your suspicions were right, the next stage is to ensure that they get the support they deserve. Sending them to an addiction center will give your employee the best chance of recovering from the illness. Ensure them that they’ll continue to be paid too. Financial worries can make life very difficult for a recovering addict, and may lead to more lies so that they can get back to work quicker. Essentially, you need them to concentrate on the matter at hand.

The stint in rehab will provide the employee with the perfect platform. However, they will still need support afterwards. As with any other major challenge in business, the support of your staff is imperative.

Maintaining a happy team is vital, and ensuring that talk about the addict is silenced should be a priority. Meanwhile, you can use this episode as a chance to make changes in the office. Addiction is often a by-product of stress. Incorporating exercise time at work, even if it’s a walk, could boost happiness throughout the business. Not only will it help the victim, but it will help other employees too.

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At a time like this, the addict won’t want to be fussed over. However, it’s equally important to ensure that they don’t feel alone. Offering your personal support will help you stand out as a great boss. Meanwhile, those showing of human empathy will be a winner with the other staff members too.

If the recovering addict needs it, don’t be afraid to offer support by heading with them to AA meetings. A familiar face can be particularly helpful at this time. Obtaining it from an employer can be more effective than a family member too. After all, they probably feel like they’ve harmed their loved ones enough as it is.

The most important thing throughout this difficult time is that you show understanding. The thought of losing their career is probably one of the most frightening things at this point. Assure them that things will be fine, and they’ll be less likely to fall back into those bad ways.

What a great boss you are!


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