Is Virtual Dedicated Hosting Right for You?

Dedicated Hosting

There are different types of web hosting: basic shared hosting, virtual private servers, and virtual dedicated hosting. But how would you know what web hosting is right for you? Here is a quick run-down on the features of the different web hosting types and see what server hosting is best for your website needs.

Types of Server HostingĀ 

Basic Hosting Plan: If you intend to run a basic website, about two pages that feature basic information about your company, then go for a basic shared hosting. Not only that it is the least expensive type of hosting, about $10 USD per month, it also perfectly fit your website needs. However, it is to note that you will be getting what you paid for and that is limited RAM or the bandwidth and CPU or the disk space. So, be wary if you see an unlimited bandwidth and disk space in a basic shared hosting plan.

Another point to understand is the shared hosting is shared with other tenants. The use of the bandwidth and disk space is not exclusive for your website unlike the virtual dedicated hosting, so its performance may not be that fast and reliable, especially if your website is a selling website or a site with multiple pages and multimedia.

Virtual Private Servers: VPS is just like the basic shared hosting wherein you share the server with other tenants. However, the difference lies on how the sharing is done. You can run and install LINUX and other programs like Apache, PHP, Perl, and MySQL to set up your own web server hosting management. You can set up different VPS web hosting environment for each of your websites, which boils down to the demand of the site. To add, VPS is better than basic shared hosting because you have more freedom to install programs that your website needs. Hence, it has more flexibility and better performance. But if you want to gain exclusive use of the server, then go for a virtual dedicated hosting.

Is Virtual Dedicated Hosting Server Right for You?

As mentioned earlier, the type of server web hosting depends on its use. So, if you are running multiple websites with lots of multimedia, and pages that may tend to consume large bandwidth and disk space, then you will need a virtual dedicated hosting instead.

The server is for your use alone, hence there is no other tenant to share it with. It follows that the bandwidth and disk space are better as compared to the VPS and the basic shared server. If your website use bandwidth heavily, there is no other tenants to complain about their website slowing down because of your bandwidth heavy use.

More so, you can load and configure your web hosting environment any way you wish. You can install an Apache or Nginx and other programs to ensure the security and performance of your server and of your website. It is to note, however, that the server plan is not unlimited as compared to what most server providers advertise. Your use of the bandwidth should still be within the acceptable use. Yet, this limitation can be overlooked, especially if you have the server environment all to yourself.




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