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StockTwits is the brainchild of Howard Lindzon and first hit the web in 2008 as a social media
site for investors. In some ways, it is similar in operation to Twitter with the exception of having
filters in place to keep the conversations focused on topics related to investing. The idea was to
create a location online for investors to share their knowledge, news, and ideas about the stock
market, stocks, and more with other members. This StockTwits review is designed to help you
make the right choice.

Today there are over 300,000 registered users, most of which are either market professionals,
investors, or public companies. These users are happy to share their knowledge and thoughts
with over 40 million people all around the globe. You can connect your StockTwits profile with
numerous other social media accounts. Keep in mind you are limited to only 140 characters, but
you can also post links, charts, and various other forms of data.

How StockTwits Can Help You
The first thing you need to know as part of our StockTwits reviews is that the app and platform
are entirely free, with no obligation to purchase a "full" version as you get the whole package on
your initial download. To start with, StockTwits makes it easy for you to locate popular or
trending stocks. Then add in a “Heat Map” that lets you see which of the many sectors is on the
move up and which of them is trending down. A bright color indicates a sector on the way up.
You can also use this tool to help locate stocks that you are already investing in.

Much like Twitter, you do need to be careful with what you post and do your best not to
overthink your posts. StockTwits has many verified pros on hand to provide you with legitimate
advice that tends to be very thorough. While many people do not use this platform to assist them
with trading, it is a fantastic source of information that can be used to help confirm your thoughts
before you make your next move.

StockTwits can be of particular benefit to those who are new to investing and trading. It is also a
great way to see what others in the trade are thinking. Finally, it is an excellent place for you to
connect with other investors who might share your interests, use similar strategies, or use entirely
different approaches you may not have encountered before.

Very User-Friendly
One of the reasons so many new investors turn to StockTwits, is that it is very user-friendly.
Most entry-level investors can learn to use this system and how to navigate their way around it
quite quickly. It is an excellent tool to help investors handle their research and to look for highly
profitable stocks before they make the headlines, helping ensure you make the right decisions.

Overall Opinion
Our StockTwits review finds it is an excellent “free” a platform which provides a wealth of vital
information for every level of investor. This platform provides you with a wealth of information
you can use to ensure you make the right decisions with your money.

This system runs quite smoothly and lets you see in a glance which stocks are trending allowing
you to search for more information about them. In turn, a system such as StockTwits helps you
make sound decisions with your investment capital.

One thing to keep in mind, no matter how successful using StockTwits is, you should still
consider making use of other sources of information to ensure you have all of the details at hand
before hitting that buy/sell button. We hope this StockTwits review helps you make the right
choice, this an excellent platform for all levels of investor from beginner to the most advanced
and experienced.

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