Loans for Unemployed Workers — How to Apply

You’ve lost your job. Times are tough. It’s hard to stretch every dollar, and you simply need some capital now in order to keep going. You want to take out a loan to cover your expenses for the time being, and you know that you can pay it back given enough time.

But how do loans for unemployed folks work? Do you have to have a job to get approved for every loan?

In this article, we’ll answer all those questions and more so that you can get access to the capital that you need to continue moving forward.

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How Are Loans Approved?

Before we get into how unemployment loans work specifically, let’s talk about what the loan approval process looks like in general. There are a few key things that lenders look at when deciding to approve someone for a loan.

First and foremost, lenders look at your credit score. The credit score is an aggregate score that tells a quick picture of how reliable of a borrower you are. The credit score is influenced by a number of different factors.

Something else that lenders look at is your credit history report. Your credit history report is granular information regarding everything that’s happened over the course of your lending history. It will include prior loan information, credit card balances, and all that related information.

Last but not least, lenders also look at your monthly income and total debt. This is what yields the debt to income ratio that is so heavily treasured by lenders as an indicator of whether or not someone is a good candidate to award a loan to.

As someone who is unemployed and without reliable income, that final factor is going to be the one that will serve as the biggest obstacle between you and the loan that you desire.

How to Get an Unemployment Loan

To get an unemployment loan, there are a few things that you will need to do.

The best way to guarantee a higher chance of getting the loan is to find a cosigner who will sign the loan with you. The cosigner will be held liable if you default on payments. The lender then mitigates risk by having that cosigner as a backup.

Another option is to talk to a direct lender. A direct lender is not an official financial institution, but rather a friend or someone on a peer-to-peer lending platform who will let you borrow money for a small interest premium. Because these lenders do not have very steadfast requirements for loan approval, you stand a higher chance of securing the financing you need.

There’s no doubting that getting an unemployment loan is a hard process, so check out more info on how to get one.

Loans for Unemployed Workers, Made Simple

There you have it. Now that you know how loans for unemployed workers work, you should have a path forward to figure out how you can get the capital you need ASAP.

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