Mandalay Bay Casino Review

This used to be my favorite place to stay in Las Vegas! They have the best pool and tight security. Unfortunately, I no longer recommend Mandalay Bay, they had been seduced by the dark side, the nickel and dime strategy that will eventually kill Las Vegas.

The Good
Their pool. And friendly staff.
The Bad
So in order to make a buck, Mandalay Bay, eliminated the standard, free in-room, coffee maker and replaced it with a $5 cup of coffee, watch the video to see what I’m talking about.
The Ugly
In their obsession to nickel-and-dime  their customers so they can squeeze  as much  money as possible . The resort fee no longer includes the fitness center that is now an additional per day fee. However, you do get access to a cardio room that has a few dumbbells.
I guess the next step is for them to start charging for towels, soaps and for toilet paper.

I’m I wrong, let me know what you think?

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