Matt Billings founder of AYO Almond Yogurt.

With a long family history of farming almonds in California’s sun-soaked San Joaquin Valley, Matt Billings brings a passion for innovation, health living, and sustainability to his role as founder of AYO Almond Yogurt. In 1913, Billings’ great grandfather established a legacy of responsible farming in California. Nearly four generations later, Matt carries on this legacy according to the same philosophy: a steadfast commitment to responsible farming practices and better health through wholesome foods. Having earned his B.S. in Agriculture from the University of California – Davis, Billings has served as an alternate on the Almond Board of California’s Board of Directors, as well as Chairman of the Production Research Committee, helping to revolutionize an American snacking staple using a modern, holistic approach. From growing and picking, to the final delicious cup of yogurt, Billings oversees the entire process behind the delectable new line of probiotic-rich organic almond yogurt that’s crafted from “farm-to-spoon”. A family man with three kids, he aims to bring the great taste of heart-healthy, dairy-free almond yogurt to homes across America with four all-new delicious flavors of vegan and organic AYO Almond Yogurt.




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