Money Management Tips for the Tech Savvy Troubleshooter

For people who work with a lot of computer and tech gear, there is a lot of troubleshooting involved in day-to-day operations. Parts and pieces wear out, burn out, go bad, get too hot, get too cold, or just plain old quit working. That means there is a lot of individual repair that has to happen with computers, hard drives, cables, modems, routers, printers – you name it, you may have to fix it at some point. For those who want to make sure that these repairs and replacements are occurring in a financially reasonable manner, pay attention to a few basic tips.

Research, Research, Research    

If a computer, electronic appliance, or other gadget stops working, google that exact problem with as many words as you can. Often by being specific, you can find other people who have had this issue pop up. This can save you a ton of money if these other people have found quick and efficient solutions, and will prevent you from having to do trial and error or potentially having to take it to a professional shop to get something fixed. YouTube videos are your friend, as well as blogs that give pictures and step-by-step instructions.

Do Your Cost-Benefit Analysis

There’s a saying that goes ‘don’t spend a dollar to save a dime.’ This is definitely valid when it comes to repairing certain types of machines and computer gear. If your time and effort is making $30/hr at your job, and you’re using that time to noodle with electronics, and you could simply pay a flat fee to someone with specialized knowledge and equipment, there is no shame in going the appropriate cost-benefit route. If it’s economically practical, you should always choose that option to save money.

Buy In Bulk or Online             

One great way to save cash on parts to repair equipment with is by buying in bulk and/or buying online. There are specialized online storefronts that can help you accomplish this. Typically, the savings are going to come from the fact that their advertising is more efficient, they can save a bundle on shipping and packaging, and there is no overhead when it comes to having employees at brick and mortar stores that require paychecks that cut into their bottom line.

Particularly for IT professionals or hobbyists, there is a lot of troubleshooting and repair work that can be done on a personal level in order to save cash. The more you know about different ways to find the right parts and the right electronics repair techniques, the more money you are going to keep in your pocket to spend on other, more important things – like buying more new technology!

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