Motoring Financial Savings through Window Blinds

Once upon a time the thought of a motor within a blinds system would have been unheard of. Then, it went from the unthinkable to the ludicrously expensive, only now for the concept to be open to absolutely everyone.

Bedroom 1Motorized blinds are one of those inventions that started out as a fad, that only the rich and famous could afford, but are quickly becoming a system that can be effective for millions of people around the world. And, as you’ve probably assumed from the title, they can actually prompt huge financial savings as well.

Firstly, let’s not hide the fact that while the prices of motorized blinds have taken a tumble over the years, they are still considerably more expensive than your standard set of blinds. This should not be a wild revelation – after all, they rely on an electrical system that is still hugely advanced, even if it’s “nothing new” anymore.

However, more and more people are starting to learn that these systems can prompt huge savings. Bearing this in mind, let’s jump into several examples.

The first one revolves around the home which is situated in the red-hot environment. These are arguably the properties which can reap the most financial rewards from motorized blinds, for the simple reason that the blinds can be strategically manipulated to take advantage of the natural elements at peak periods during the day.

For example, in the early afternoon where the temperature is said to be at its hottest, maneuvering the blinds so that they block out the light will naturally keep things cooler indoors. Through the programmable timer that comes as standard on most motorized blinds, this is entirely possible as you can dictate the exact moments when you want the blinds to be either open or closed.

Unsurprisingly, similar benefits can be reaped if you turn to a cold environment. It’s in these cases where the blinds can be programmed to open during the peak sunlight hours and close as soon as this light disappears. It’s all about taking full advantage of the natural climate and in doing this you are not only becoming greener (which sounds almost surreal considering we’re talking about an electric product here), but you will also save heaps of money in the process.

If you take advantage of other advanced blinds products, the savings can be even more significant. For example, insulated shades can shut out even more heat or cold air depending on how you want to use them, while solar shades are able to block out a large proportion of the powerful UV rays that come through the glazing. For a product that was once so simple, the rewards can be tremendous.

If we return to the standard motorized blind, let’s reiterate that this is now a money-saving system. The mechanisms used to control light are only improving and while you will pay more in relation to the cost of installation, there’s no doubt that the savings will dwarf this initial cost for years to come.

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