Newbie Guide to Payday Loans


You must definitely have heard about the payday loan. Probably, you have even applied for the payday loan. Still, what’s it actually and what pitfall does it contain? This information belongs only to those, who manage to succeed in the payment process. In fact, everything is easier if you follow particular rules. Learn the truth about short-term loans from this article!

What’s It Actually Is?

As it was mentioned before, everything about payday loans is easier than it seems on the surface. Payday loans are the short-term loans. People should apply for them when they are out of money. There are two reasons for it:

  1. You can only apply for a small amount – less than $500.
  2. You must pay it off within several weeks and late.

A small amount of the loan is the standard. The small payment period is the reality as it’s impossible to pay off the small sum of money in a small time period.

Short-term loans are considered to be non-credit check as most of the lenders don’t care about your credit history. Most of the lenders don’t also require collateral. Still, it’s not a constant condition. Some lenders can still check out your creditworthiness thoroughly.

Does It Worth Applying?

People, who are cautious about a payday loan, are right in one sense. Short-term loans can cost you a thing as some of them offer an extremely high annual percentage rate. APR can make up to several hundred percents.

Some people aren’t ready for this. But those, with a responsible approach, manage to come across the payment process without troubles.

What Should You Avoid?

The cost of the loan is a crucial thing, which you have to keep in mind. Short-term loans offer fast financial assistance but you will pay for it later. Unfortunately, the real cost of the payday loan is usually much bigger than a real borrowed sum. This can become a trap for the borrowers with a thoughtless attitude.

Still, there is a reasonable solution. You have to look for the reliable lenders. Real professionals with a vast knowledge and good reputation will treat you like professionals. A quality and good reputation are the decisive factors for every potential borrower. If you hadn’t found the trustworthy lender yet, you should check faxless payday loans at North’nLoans. This is a reasonable solution for those, who are out of money now.

Are Banks Reliable Lenders?

People, who entrust their financial fate to the banks, aren’t that protected. Traditional banks require your credit history, report, information about your income and possessions but instead they also receive an access to your bank account.

Applying to banks for the short-term loans means you haven’t got enough control over your funds. Traditional banks aren’t really experienced in the sphere of payday loans. Still, it’s difficult to say what financial institution is more profitable. Though, the banks can make the situation even worse.

Are there any Alternatives to Payday Loans?

Fortunately, the solution to your financial problems doesn’t lie in the short-term loans only. There are a couple of alternatives to such financial assistance:

  1. Every working person has to create an emergency fund or savings. It’s a must-have, which will protect you from applying for a loan.
  2. Create a good credit history, which will make it possible to apply for the secured loans.
  3. Look for a part-time job, if you face the difficult financial situation.
  4. Launch overdraft protection plans for your account.
  5. Brainstorm a winning payment strategy with your lender or financial consultant.


Yes, online payday loans are definitely worth consideration. It’s important to weigh pros and cons of it as the risk isn’t always justified. Fortunately, the trustworthy lenders, who can guarantee a normal payment process, still exist. It’s crucial to find them out via reviews and reliable recommendations.

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