Products To Help You Stay Productive & Motivated While Working From Home During The Quarantine

Eggtronic Wireless Charging Stone


With a lot of us working from home for the next couple of weeks, uncomplicate your life with cables and reach for the wireless charger that also beautifies your space. Simply set your phone or Qi-enabled device on the stone for fast, 10-watt charging capabilities. The simple elegance of genuine stone meets smart technology. Made with real stone: black marble, white marble and travertine options available. Comes with integrated braided cable and is compatible with most phone models: Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and ZTE.






Get ready for those Skype meetings with easy to put on and take off  CLIPOFF Tie Stays! Using a magnetic fastener, it’s a simple and functional way to prevent repositioning. While keeping your tie in place, this Tie Stay remains invisible eliminating any distraction from your look. Best of all, its design won’t snag or damage delicate tie material.






Wild Willies The Arsenal


Great for those FaceTime calls and ZOOM meetings, the Arsenal is the ultimate one-stop grooming tool kit specifically for men. Keep your look professional while working from home with the help of Wild Willies’ Arsenal Kit. It’s sleek, lightweight carbon fiber case fits in the palm of your hand while 10 essential precision grooming tools are secured within a stitched inner holster.

Compression Socks


Think about adding compression socks to your work from home essentials list as they will help keep their legs healthy and happy. Studies have shown that blood flow in the lower legs can decrease up to 50% after just 60 minutes of immobility. This results in increased pressure in the veins of the lower leg as blood fights against the force of



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