Profiles of Success With Martin Saenz

Profiles of Success With Martin Saenz

About Martin Saenz

Have four children 8 and under that we homeschool.

Got fired from corporate job in 2004 and my wife and I started a federal government contracting company in 2005. Sold it in 2013 and have been a full time real estate and mortgage note investor since 2009.

You can find me online at    |    Contact me:    |    LinkedIn    |    Bequest Funds LinkedIn

Why Did You Become an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Etc. in the First Place?

I’ve written 5 books. I love the freedom of entrepreneurship and feel it’s my mission to help other up and coming business owners gain freedom.

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How Do You Deal With Fear?

Plow right through it. I try to guard my thoughts and seek strength from God.

How Do You Deal With Rejection?

Ignore it.

What’s the Name of Your Company? What Exactly Does Your Company Do, How Do You Help People?

3 business lines:

  • Note Investing Made Easier is a training company helping note investors learn how to build businesses for themselves.
  • Chance Funding buys distressed mortgage note debt and we help keep homeowners in their homes with payment plans.
  • Bequest Funds is an income fund that pays investors an 8% annual return on a monthly basis.

Name One of the Biggest Challenges You Have Faced and How Did You Overcome It?

Had to take a company back that we sold in 2013 in 2019. Had to deal with vendors, the defaulted owner and government contracts.

What Piece of Advice Do You Wish Someone Had Given You at the Start of Your Career?

Invest in assets you understand, that cash flow, and that you have control over.

Who Are Your Biggest Influences and People You Admire and Why?

Rich Dad Poor Dad, Ed Mylett, Grant Cardone.

Name a Person Who Helped You Along the Way?

My wife, Ruth, is my rock and helps me through all my challenges in life.

What Do You See as Your Greatest Success in Life, So Far?

That I managed to become a successful business owner and investor for 16 years now. That’s I launched Bequest Funds which is a 50MM fund.

What Book Would You Recommend and Why?

Cash Flow Dojo. It’s my last book and it’s written to help people learn how to build multiple streams of income in their lives.

What’s a Personal Self-Talk, Mantra, Affirmation or Self-Belief That Contributes to Your Success?

Always be pruning the bushes or the weeds will grow.

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