Protect what is yours. 3 Ways to protect the most important thing you’ve got!

Protect what is yours. 3 Ways to protect the most important thing you’ve got!

Home and vehicle security is a multi-billion dollar industry. Sadly, it is a necessity in the world we share. While most people put a lot of focus securing their home and vehicle, they forget about protecting something that is very valuable and important to themselves and others… their attitude!

The Phoenix Philosophy - Protect your Attitude

So what? Well, let’s start with what having a positive mental attitude can do for you. (To name a few)


When you have a positive attitude you:

  1. Will literally feel better
  2. Are kind to others and this will lead to others being kind to you
  3. Are more likely to be selected and even sought after (business and/or personal)

With all of that at stake, why would you not want to protect it?


Deploy the following three tactics to protect your attitude!

  1. Don’t hang around negative people or places – Avoid people/places who talk/are negative about themselves, others or their circumstances.
  2. Listen and watch things that are positive and uplifting. Music, Movies, etc.  – Music can quite literally change a person’s whole outlook. If you don’t believe this; Turn on a very dramatic movie and then watch the most dramatic part with the sound muted… Not as dramatic is it?  Same for music. It is actually hard to remain upset if you put on an upbeat/uplifting song that makes you happy because of a good memory, etc.
  3. Perform a random act of kindness. – Simply being nice can make a real positive difference in your attitude! Nothing elaborate needed and it doesn’t even have to cost you a dime. – Hold the door for someone, send a handwritten thank you note to someone who has been helpful, pick some flowers for a loved one or bring a loved one coffee or breakfast in bed.

Stay positive my friends!

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