Red Bull BC One Camp Takes Houston, Celebrating The Stars Of Breaking For A Three-Day Event

HOUSTON – APRIL 16, 2019 – Entering its sixteenth year, world-renowned breaking competition Red Bull BC One has announced dates for Red Bull BC One Camp Houston. A 3-day event focused on dance lovers and risings stars from across the country, the weekend will be packed with workshops, lectures, competitions, and special events, all held at Warehouse Live.

A multi-day community event focused on connecting the street dance scene, members of the Houston community will have the chance to engage with some of the nations top breakers through these educational experiences. In addition to workshops and lectures, the Red Bull BC One B-Girl and B-Boy National Finals will take place at BC One Camp Houston which will crown two winners. Both of which will advance for their chance to compete in the Mumbai World Final on November 9th.

Introduced to the world in the 1970s, the art of breaking was originally inspired by the diverse and growing hip-hop culture and sounds of New York City. Connecting individuals spanning diverse backgrounds through the universal language of hip-hop, the breaking movement, spearheaded by longtime Red Bull Dancer,  Richard ‘Crazy Legs’ Colon, has emerged as a mainstream means of self-expression and connects people from cultures worldwide.

Today, Red Bull BC One has risen to become the world’s premier one-on-one B-Boy and B-Girl competition, drawing from generations of hip-hop culture. Red Bull BC One competitions continue to be at the forefront of breaking, with a growing b-girl community. This year, Red Bull BC One will invite thousands of dancers to battle it out in cities across the country, culminating at Red Bull BC One Camp, where they enter the final battle for a chance to represent at the Red Bull BC One World Final on November 9th which will be available to fans anywhere via livestream on Red Bull      BC One channels including YouTube and Facebook.

As part of the biggest one-on-one breaking competition in the world, Red Bull BC   One Camp will be built around 12 participatory workshops and lectures open to the public, as well as several competitions and celebratory parties. Red Bull BC One   Camp Houston will engage dancers and fans with dedicated programming to bring these local scenes to a global audience:

The Competitions

Throughout Red Bull BC One Camp Houston, dancers from around the globe will show their stuff and battle it out via competitions:

  • Red Bull BC One US B-Boy Final – This National Red Bull BC One Cypher will be live streamed to viewers worldwide as audiences watch B-Boys compete for the chance to be #1. This battle will be supported with tunes by DJ Fleg, with judges Roxrite, Wicket, and Marlon on deck.
  • Red Bull BC One US B-Girl Final – The second annual National Red Bull B-Girl Cypher in the US, this battle will continue to showcase Red Bull’s mission to empower women to break the glass ceiling of breaking with sixteen b-girls from around the US competing for the top spot soundtracked to beats provided by DJ Lean Rock. This battle will be judged by Ronnie, Jeskilz and B-Girl Babygirl.
  • Popping & Breaking Battle – An ode to decades past, participants will explore popping and breaking with a twist, matching 16 competing poppers and breakers up at random to the beats of Skeme Richards. Popping first inspired the breaking scene in the early 1970’s, and continues to have an influence on breakers today.
  • Red Bull BC One All Stars Exhibition – This ultimate battle will take place during the afterparty following the Red Bull BC One US National Finals, featuring some of the top breakers from around the US as they battle it out with this year’s Red Bull BC One Camp All Stars.
  • Break The Game – Hosts Roxrite and Ronnie lead Red Bull BC One All Stars in a dance move-matching challenge akin to the game H-O-R-S-E. The first to make their opponent reach B-R-E-A-K will be the winner.
  • All Styles Bonnie & Clyde – In this competition, duos will battle it out, with pairs consisting of one male and one male as they compete together in a two-on-two competition to the beats of Skeme Richards.

The Workshops & Lectures

12 workshops and lectures over three days featuring programming for people of all skill sets and levels, inviting Houston’s dancers to participate in lessons with professional breakers. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of subjects, from choreography to different genres of dance to hip-hop and more.:


Break It ‘Til You Make It

  • Back to basics with a legendary crew. B-boys Kid David, Casper and Luigi will share the approach that made Skill Brat Renegades three of break’s most notorious dancers.

Sight to Sound

  • Find balance between intricate musicality and essential feel-good movement with a study in popping fundamentals, isolations, and dime stops, all sprinkled with fundamental grooves. Taught through counts and choreography form by original Jabbawockeez crew member Phi.

Musicality, Flow, & Texture

  • Practice your patience and control with world renown choreographer and Kinjaz co-founder, Mike In this workshop, he’ll share insights on creativity and guide you through choreography to focus on elevating your performance both on and off the stage.

Pop Rock & Hand Styles

  • An All-Styles, all-levels masterclass from an all-around master of the Popping technique, rocking (both freestyle and toprock), hand styles, and burns for all styles will all be covered in detail by OG Rock Steady Crew member Mr. Wiggles.

Original Flow

  • Learn the art of flow from a world champion. Two-time Red Bull BC One titleholder Menno will lead a workshop focused on enhancing your style with flowing original movement.

House Dance: Finding Structure & Purpose In Competitive Exchanges

  • Led by Junious “House” Brickhouse & Latasha Barnes discuss the ways in which House Music culture balances between cyphers and battles, to non-competitive dance environments. Student-collaborators will practice House Dance choreography and freestyle in this workshop.

On & Off the Floor

  •  Cypher Adiktz founder Jeskilz knows what it takes to build a movement within and without. In this workshop, she’ll use that experience to help you unlock your potential by sharing her personal techniques for creating growth. How does breaking serve you? How does it serve others? Where can this dance take you? Explore those questions and your skill on the floor will grow—trust.

Evolve Your Style

  •  Three veteran Red Bull BC One All-Stars will each teach a technique they’ve mastered, with the ultimate goal of using the techniques to help shape your own unique style. Neguin will guide dancers on a journey through mental, physical, and energetic techniques fusing Brazilian Martial Arts and Hip-Hop. Victor will explore original movement creation with power moves and level changing, and Hong 10 will share his expert knowledge of footwork. The workshop will be split into 3 rotating groups, with each group getting dedicated facetime with the workshop leaders.

Unite The Styles: Popping & House

  • Dancers of all levels will benefit from learning this unique fusion of popping and house, led by veteran dancers of both styles. Popping techniques will be led by Angyil, with house represented by Hurrikane. The session will start with a warmup and build into a series of foundational moves in both styles before taking you into new choreography.


  •  Since Day One: Hip Hop & Latino Culture
    ○ OG Rock Steady Crew members Crazy Legs and Mr. Wiggles talk about the stories that impacted hip hop and Latino culture.
  •  What’s Your Hip Hop Story
    ○ Poet, writer, artist, author, and dancer Marlon “Marley” Lizama leads a panel of experts through their hip hop story.
  •  Share Your Skills: Understanding the Art of Movement
    ○ B-Girl legend, activist, and ambassador Asia One leads the discussion on technique.

The Celebrations

Celebrating many expressions of dance culture, each night will feature a celebration at Warehouse Live, exploring funk, disco, alternative club and hip-hop jams:

●    Friday Afterparty featuring local Latin collective Bombón

○ A hometown celebration with a ultra-fresh DJ lineup, courtesy of local tropical bass heroes Bombón.

●     Saturday Afterparty

○ A night of Texas’ finest including: OgRonC & Dj Candlestick, aka Chopstars; Dayta, DJ Babyjae & Kleancutt of The Kracker Nuttz; Donnie Dee, and DJ Mr.

●     Sunday Afterparty with Just Blaze, DJ Ill-Set, DJ Lean Rock

○ A celebration of all things break, a salute to the culture.

○ The USA’s top B-Boys will face-off in an All-Star Exhibition Battle, while Lean Rock keeps the party jumping with a set of classic break beats. Master battle selector Ill-Set will open the afterparty, while iconic DJ and producer Just Blaze will take the celebration late into the night following the All Star Exhibition.

The inaugural Red Bull BC One started in 2004 in Biel, Switzerland, since having traveled  to Berlin, Germany (2005), Sao Paulo, Brazil (2006), Johannesburg, South Africa (2007), Paris, France (2008), New York City (2009), Tokyo, Japan (2010) Moscow, Russia (2011), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2012), Seoul, South Korea (2013), Paris, France (2014), Rome, Italy (2015), Nagoya, Japan (2016), Amsterdam, Holland (2017), and Zurich (2018).

The Red Bull BC One Camp Houston is the final stop on the 2019 Red Bull BC One All Star Tour. Interested participants and guests are encouraged to RSVP to attend. For full tour and local event info please visit:


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