Security Bill Implies “Other Purpose” for Vaccine…Facebook is Banning Posts

While biased Facebook suspensions are nothing new to conservatives, the reason “why” is usually a hint at what narrative the site is currently trying to control, push, or suppress. Today I received the scariest suspension I’ve ever gotten:

A new bill being pushed by Homeland Security cryptically implies that there are “other purposes” than covid that they’re mandating the vaccine for….and I just got put on a 30 day suspension for pointing it out. They went as far as to completely removed the screenshot from the site:

Anyone else find it horrifying that an experimental substance with ZERO long term tests is being deemed “safe” by “fact checkers” all across mainstream and social media? While they also simultaneously suppress all information in regards to side effects, deaths, and whether it even works against covid? Truth is that vaccinated people have been catching covid nonstop. In Massachusetts 74% of new covid cases were from vaccinated people, and a cruise ship where every person on board was inoculated had still managed to have a breakout of the virus:

If it doesn’t protect against covid, then why take it and risk having any side effects at all? Why aren’t we even talk about it? Why is Homeland Security declaring anyone that questions it’s safety or efficacy as a “domestic terrorist?”

What’s the “other purpose” they really want this injection in people and why the conspiracy to cover it up? This isn’t the first time the government pushed vaccinating the populous with a barely tested vaccine either. In 1976 the government used the excuse of Swine Flu to push a vaccine using celebrities and the media…all the while suppressing what the side effects were. 20-25% of the American population took the swine flu vaccine, but it was pulled after 32 people died from it and about 500 came down with Guillain-Barré syndrome. It’s a debilitating auto-immune disease that leads to paralysis….and yes, that’s one of the side effects being reported with the covid vaccine as well.

A similar thing also happened in 2001, when the government pushed the anthrax vaccine on our military during the Gulf War also without proper testing. It’s estimated that 20-35% of troops have been adversely affected by the vaccine, that was only rushed through because of the “anthrax mail scare” that occurred right after 9/11. The company that made that vaccine was Bioport (which became Emergent Biosolutions) and they’re the company currently manufacturing both the AstraZeneca and the Johnson & Johnson here in America. They were also suspected of being behind the mail scare in the first place to boost their own vaccine sales, because Jerome Haeur got caught warning his political friends a week before to take prophylactics for it just on case. Turns out there’s a short list of people that would even have access to military grade anthrax…and even fewer that stood to profit financially from it.

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There is no universe this vaccine with all the deaths and side effects that Vaers is reporting that the CDC is refusing to investigate. Funny how anyone who died no matter what was counted as “covid” if they tested for it, but “fact checkers” are declaring the numbers “false” because even if they died right after the shot they’re saying there is no “correlation.”

Out of the thousands of suspicious vaccine deaths, do you know how many they performed autopsies on? 1….and the results are terrifying, watch here:

There’s no universe this vaccine should be FDA approved. Even the suppressed, conservative numbers Vaers is reporting (400k+ adverse reactions, 9k+ deaths) is worse than the 32 dead the government halted the swine flu shot over. Everything the powers that be are planning on is riding on the Sept 30 deadline for FDA approval. Otherwise countries across the world can legally back out of their contacts with Pfizer, and the government won’t have an excuse to keep pushing mandates and unconstitutionally trying to force it on people. Considering this comes on the back of Homeland Security declaring anyone questioning the election or being against forced vaccinations as “domestic terrorists” (TSA is already flagging conservative reporters when they try to travel causing them to miss their flights across the country) it makes one wonder why the fervor to continue to push for a vaccine that doesn’t work, and where they admit in writing of the bill that there’s some other purpose…..

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