Summer Insurance

Summer is here, and as we jet off to sunnier climes or head to the camper van for festival weekends of unforgettable fun, it’s fair to say that less glamorous things like insurance couldn’t be further from our minds. However, it’s the most important time of year to double check insurance. For example, if you’re packing a camper van to go to Glastonbury or somewhere rural for a weekend, you must check if your insurance covers overnight stays in non designated camping areas, or if you are insured to pull a trailer or caravan of a certain weight. While we may not think about such mundane things as insurance and caravan weights as we pack the Speedos and bikini for the holidays, these are issues holidaymakers can’t ignore.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance┬áis an insurance product that is designed to cover a holidaymakers’ medical bills, flight or ferry cancellation fees, mislaid luggage, accidents and other loss and expenses suffered while traveling, either globally or even here at home.

Travel insurance is normally arranged at point of booking the holiday, intended to cover the exact duration of the holiday, or the option of a “multi-trip” policy which can cover an unlimited selection of trips within a pre-defined period of time. Certain policies offer both higher and lower medical bill option clauses; higher options cover countries where medical procedures and care is expensive, like America. If you’re travelling within the EU or the EEA, be sure to apply for the European Health Insurance Card (formerly E111). The EHIC replaced the older E111 form and a plethora of other forms like the E128, making the process easier for tourists to get hospital care efficiently and quickly. The EHIC proves that holders are part of national health insurance systems managed by another member in the EU/EEA. To receive treatment with the EHIC, patients must access the nearest public doctor, hospital, or other treatment facility and the card must be presented on demand. At present, the EEA consists of the 28 EU member states as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. An EHIC is valid for all these areas as well as Switzerland.

Summer Stock Market Speculation

If you’re taking the family on a free day out to Stonehenge or Windsor Castle and have a few hours to while away, why nont invest in share trading on line? There are a wide selection of smartphone enabled trading platforms that you can access on the go, and summer time can be a good time for making investments as demand for certain commodities like coal and heating oil dips before winter sets in. Make sure that any
summer financial investments you make are on a regulated stock exchange, and that you are aware of the costs and risks involved, and above all else have a great Summer!

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