The Power of a Birkin Bag and How to Get One

This Birkin Bag, made by Hermes, the French luxury brand, averages $60,000. And it’s been the “it” bag for 30 years.
Discover this luxury purse’s power as hosts VANEK SMITH and SINDHU GNANASAMBANDAN, takes us into a strange
world of ultra high-end marketing.

The Birkin bag – it’s a purse made by Hermes, the French luxury brand, and Birkins average around $60,000. You can get a starter Birkin for around 10,000. There are luxury goods and then there is the Birkin bag. For 30 years, the Birkin has been the it bag for rich and powerful women. Elizabeth Taylor carried one. Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian has one. Victoria Beckham apparently has, like, 100 of them.

This is the bag that proves you’ve made it, that you are on the top. There are people with Birkin bags and there are the rest of us. And apparently, even just getting to see one is kind of a big deal. They won’t just show them to anyone. And this is why I’m so nervous. I am about to walk into an Hermes store, walk up to a salesperson and ask to see a Birkin bag, which is, like, my own personal nightmare. I find those stores really intimidating.

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