The Top Five Essentials to Successfully Closing a Sale

An ancient business phobia that most entrepreneurs encounter at one time or another is the fear of sales. The range of trepidation varies from stage presentations, random encounters, networking meetings, webinars and let’s not forget the queen of anxieties, cold calling.

Recently, while taking a moment to enjoy a little rest and relaxation on the beach, I was captivated by a young vivacious and budding entrepreneur. As I observed him, I was quite impressed with his sharp and skillful business acumen. He as his team re-affirmed the top five essentials to successfully closing a sale:

1)      LOCATION: At the onset, they strategically placed their mobile lemonade stand near the parking lot entrance. In business 101, we learn one of the first steps to success is establishing the perfect location, location, location. A few years ago, I was in a location that provided a phenomenal monthly rental fee. The main problem was that foot traffic was deathly slow and almost non-existent. A prime location can literally catapult you to extraordinary heights or bury you beneath the sands of obscurity.


2)      INFECTIOUS ATTITUDE: The lemonade dealer was full of enthusiasm with every sales pitch. I can still hear him in my mind. “Would you like a fresh cup of lemonade?” It was extremely hot and it was the perfect item to sell because of the immediate demand.  Ask yourself is there a true demand for my products and services? I remember my first product, bowls of hope.  They were decorative dishes filled with potpourri, glass beads and a single candle in the middle.  It was pretty idea but not very profitable one.

3)      BOLD CONFIDENCE: It was still early in the afternoon and he said, “We’ve already made $100.00!” I was tickled when I heard the young man say to one passerby, “It’s not that expensive.” We must overcome objections before they arise. He was confident that he was selling a great product and the price was undeniably affordable. They were not intimated by the age or stature of each person they approached. They used their cuteness as an advantage to help seal the deal.

4)      MOTIVATED BY A CLEAR GOAL and PLAN: I asked him what we’re they selling the lemonade for? He told me it was to raise money for an upcoming Tae Kwon Do tournament. The goal was to accumulate the funds to participate and they worked collectively as a fortified unit in order to make it happen. They were selling lemonade by the gallon possibly from the local grocery store which required a low risk financial investment. Additionally, they had two options available for purchase. A small cup would cost $1.00 and a large cup $2.00. We often present too many options to prospective clients and a confused mind always says no. We have to remember to keep our sales processes simple.

5)      GO-GETTER: One of my favorite quotes by Marva Collins, “Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it.” These fiery trail blazers were seizing the moment one person at a time. I noticed everyone in their vicinity, was treated as a potential customer. There was no room for discrimination or hesitation. They shouted to the top of their lungs, “Lemonade!” with a large sign in hand to attract the attention of countless automobiles passing by.

Opportunities are present everywhere, we must possess the fortitude and the vision to conquer what seems impossible yet very attainable. We will never know what we are fully capable of achieving until we pursue possibility in the fullest expression of our being. Have no fear, success is near!


About the Author:

Kristie Kennedy, Women’s Empowerment Speaker, Small Business and Leadership Development Coach provides simple success strategies to overcome everyday challenges, internal conflicts and confidence killers.



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