These 7 Financial Podcasts Are Worth a Listen


We live in a golden age of content. And not just prestige television and indie music — just about every strain of content you can imagine is undergoing a renaissance.

This is certainly true in the world of financial content, where the Internet and the publishing platforms it spawned allows independent influencers to share their successes and failures with audiences large and small.

Lately, we’ve seen an explosion in the number and quality of money-related podcasts. These shows hail from a variety of sources: established financial companies, innovative upstarts, financial blogs, and individuals with a knack for telling compelling stories about money.

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Let’s take a look at seven that deserve a place in your personal podcast rotation.

1. Yieldstreet Podcast

Yieldstreet, an alternative investment platform, puts out one of the best investing-themed podcasts for general audiences and industry experts alike. Available on Yieldstreet’s Medium page and major podcast libraries, it covers a broad range of topics, from the very granular to the very broad. It attracts some high-caliber guests, too, including heads of major private equities firms, field-leading economists, and other experts ready and willing to share their insights.

2. BiggerPockets Money Podcast

The BiggerPockets Money Podcast (or the Bigger Pockets Money Show, as it’s also known) is a long-running production from one of the web’s most popular and trusted education resources for real estate investors. It’s absolutely brimming with insights for experienced and not-so-experienced real estate investors alike, delivering insights around portfolio development, prospecting, buying and selling property, developing complementary passive income strategies, and much more. You’ll find some choice content not directly related to real estate investing here as well, like guidance on combining finances with a new spouse and navigating a family health crisis.

3. Function

Function with Anil Dash is definitely not a “hard finance” podcast. Its stated focus is the influence of tech on culture, and specifically the motivations and biases of the people responsible for consumer and enterprise tech.

Of course, this focus is closely bound up with economics and finance, as tech is a hugely influential sector of the economy and a significant chunk of the typical person’s household budget. And Dash does a great job (with help from his guests) of drawing connections between technology and financial well-being.

4. Planet Money

Planet Money is a long-running and perennially popular NPR podcast that aims to de-complicate difficult economic and financial concepts for everyday listeners. It’s approachable yet information dense, a sort of layperson’s debrief for what’s going on in the world of money. Some episodes dive deep into the weeks of cutting-edge economic theories, like consumption smoothing and the lifecycle hypothesis, yet manage to do so in a way that doesn’t turn off the folks at home.

5. So Money

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi is a money podcast that’s only partly about money. Torabi, a formidable interviewer, is just as likely to host authors of books about the late civil rights leader and congressman John Lewis or TikTok influencers keen on bringing financial literacy to Generations Z and Alpha. That’s why the tagline — “candid conversations for a richer, happier life” — is so apt.

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6. Financial Freedom Podcast (Millennial Money)

The Financial Freedom Podcast is a production of Grant Sabatier’s Millennial Money, one of the most influential personal finance blogs of the past decade. Many episodes revolve around the concept that made Sabatier and his fellow millennial personal finance influencers famous: financial independence, or FI. But also it’s approachable for those of us who don’t plan to (or simply can’t) retire in their 30s.

7. The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show is a wildly popular interview show that attracts A-listers (like Matthew McConaughey and Arnold Schwarzenegger) and internationally renowned experts in their fields (like Dr. Jane Goodall, who discovered the early hominid “Lucy”). Many of Ferriss’s episodes relate to money, business, or personal finance in some fashion, and a thread of self-empowerment and self-activation runs through his entire show. If you’re searching for a podcast that informs while inspiring, this is it.

Diversify Your Portfolio, Diversify Your Financial Content Stream

Listen to any of these podcasts long enough and you’ll probably hear familiar advice about the importance of diversifying your investment portfolio and avoiding the get-rich-quick mentality.

That’s good advice. So good, in fact, that you really ought to apply it beyond your personal investments.

Your financial content “portfolio” is a natural fit. After all, the finance-related social media accounts you follow, websites you visit, and podcasts you listen to all influence your investment decisions to some degree. It’s in your interest to consider a wide range of voices and opinions as you make these choices.

So, stop seeking advice from the same old, same old sources. Expand your financial horizons with these podcasts and prepare for a more prosperous, fulfilling future.


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