Tips for Growing Businesses


It is official! The U.S. loves small businesses. This is what a survey by the Pew Foundation found. It went on to state that 71% of Americans look at small businesses with more favor than to any other institution and this includes religious organizations. Why? People see small businesses as a positive sort of influence on how things are going in America. There is more to it than that though.

Small businesses and startups have a unique position from which to create customer experiences that are valuable. Their services and products are often in niche areas where the target demographic is extremely defined and their business operations are agile while not being constrained by the typical corporate processes and rules.

What can you do to grow the appeal of your company though, without needing to break the bank? Here are a few tips.


The most valuable asset in any small business is its data. For that reason, you need to ensure that it is always safe and protected. Often, people will put data on USB flash drives to transport it from one place to another. This is risky though because of the chances of that drive being lost or stolen and the data falling into the wrong hands.

There is a solution though.

There is a company that makes something called SecureUSB. This is a USB flash drive that has physical security as well as encryption security. When you want to use it, you will first need to enter your personalized, encrypted PIN on the keypad that is located on the case. The device will then unlock and you can plug it into any device that has a USB port. When you wish to lock it again, simply unplug it and all of your information on the drive will be protected.

Fill a Need

You might already have an idea for your business. The thing is, if you want your small business to grow, you will need to identify a need that your clients have and fill it. If there is no demand for what you do or sell, your business will founder. Say you are in the electronics business. Find an open niche in the market as it pertains to electronics accessories and be the business that provides those items in your area. As long as there is a need for something that your business can provide, there is room for growth.

Be a Person, Not an Entity

If you want to grow your business, remember that the people who you hire work for you. Talented people will be needed to run and grow your business. In fact, it might be said that the people you hire might be your only asset to sell and as such, you should always be looking for methods to improve your benefits, culture and reasons that your employees will remain working for you.

What is Your Brand?

It is critical to know and understand that your brand has much more to it than just a logo. It is also your products, merchandising, and the overall experience that your customers have with your business. Yes, this does include all of the visual aspects of your business, as well as what it is that you do, how you get it done and what interactions with your customers are like, and finally, the kinds of information that you release on social media and with your marketing. Each of these elements will assist in establishing the credibility and trust of your business.

Be the Expert

You might choose to write articles about what your business does and then actively search for local media and/or blogs that will publish them. If you have enough confidence in your skills at public speaking, you might consider searching for opportunities to speak. For example, you might book local time at the library to talk about business strategies or anything related to your industry. The point here is to establish yourself as an expert in the field; someone to whom people will turn when they have questions or a need for your services and/or products.

By following any or all of these tips, you will surely be giving your business the shot in the arm that it needs.


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