Turning a New Page: 5 Ways to Get Your Finances in Order

Ways to effectively get your finances in order

A lot of people blame their incomes for the fact that they are in a financial disarray, when in fact, there is a much greater probability that a financial irresponsibility led to this state of things. The last part is both good and bad news because, although, it can be fixed, it requires some thorough financial reforms on a personal level. With this in mind, here are five tips on how to get your finances in order.

1. Get a Part-time Job

In the introduction, it may seem as if we were too quick to dismiss low income as the root of all your money-problems. Well, in some cases, your revenues may indeed not be enough to cover your expenses. In that case, you may want to consider doing something extreme. One idea would be to find a part-time job. Luckily, in the era where 45 percent of US workforce telecommutes, you won’t have to look too far.

Simply find a job with flexible working hours so it doesn’t coincide with your day job and there you have it. It would also be a good idea to find something completely different from your full-time job in order to make your overall workday less monotonous.

2. Sell an Asset

Another thing you can do is sell an asset you own. This can be beneficial in two ways: a) you will get the money you so desperately need and b) it will reduce your expenses quite a bit. Selling a luxurious car in order to buy something more modest means paying less for repairs (and usually gas as well). On the other hand, selling a place you own means less expensive utilities which can be a great boost to your monthly household budget. All in all, your options are indeed numerous.

3. Improve Your Credit Score

Once their finances go south, a lot of people apply for a small credit in order to fix the issue. Unfortunately, if you fail to see where you went wrong the first time, there is a hazard that this will turn into a never-ending loop. The more you borrow, the lower your credit score goes, especially if you are not vigilant in your payments which will in time become inevitable. Because of this, repairing your credit history must become a priority and talking to experts behind Clean Credit about this might be an excellent first step. To sum up some of the basics, the best course of action here would be to consolidate your debts and make sure your every payment arrives in time.

4. Help Yourself out of Debts

One of the most efficient ways of saving money is resorting to DIY instead of paying a hefty fee for services you can clearly perform yourself. We are, of course, talking about some simpler repairs and improvements around the house, but why stop there? Those with a backyard or a garden can grow their own food and start saving a modest amount of money each year. Apart from financial benefits, gardening is a great hobby and it gives you the opportunity to put a 100 percent organic food on the table. What more can you ask for?

5. Austerity

Even though no one expects you to start skimming on food and utilities in order to save some money, you can give up at least some luxuries. Imagine a scenario where you drink two $5 lattes each week. That would be $260 on the annual basis. Sure, $260 may not be much, but just try to imagine how many other similar ‘unnecessary’ expenses you have in life. Of course, no one expects you to renounce all your guilty pleasures, but would cutting in half the number of hot beverages you drink each week be such a bad thing? In other words, you need to start making a difference regarding your budget one dollar at a time.


Finally, the key to these financial reforms having a lasting effect lies in the fact that you will need to continue with these habits even when you manage to get your finances back in order. Naturally, you will no longer need to worry about all of the above mentioned, but being ever vigilant in financial planning and careful monitoring of all your incomes and expenses is highly advised. In the end, this rough patch might just turn out to be the most valuable life lesson.

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