Virtual reality technology set to revolutionise online casinos

Modern technology has had a major impact on the online gambling industry, but it could soon be moved onto a whole new level.

Gambling operators across the internet offer wide range of casino games, but virtual reality technology could revolutionise the way people play online.

Players can use VR to transport themselves elsewhere, perhaps playing their favourite games in the glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo or the bright lights of Las Vegas.

Read on for the top three games you could play in a virtual reality casino.


Blackjack is easy to understand, making it slightly more popular than poker amongst fans of card games.

With a VR-ready computer and a suitable headset, players could visit sites like and meet up with friends or family wherever they are in the world to play against the dealer at blackjack.

Playing VR casino games such as blackjack is the closest experience players can find to the real thing, and the beauty of the technology is you never have to leave your own home to visit some of the finest casinos in the world.


Roulette is the most iconic casino game and VR technology could increase its popularity even further.

Online gambling is entertaining, but VR takes it to another level, allowing players to interact with croupiers and other players in ways not previously possible on the internet.

You can experience the thrill of placing your own bets or simply observe other players around the table before following their strategies in search of a big win.

The possibilities in a virtual reality casino are endless and could take your roulette playing into a whole new world.

Slot machines

Visit any casino around the globe and you’ll be greeted by flashing lights and the sounds of coins dropping into the winning trays on slot machines.

Online slots are hugely popular on both desktop and mobile, but VR technology recreates the experience of playing at the venue itself.

The world’s first VR online casino was launched in 2017 and offers players hundreds of slots from a huge range of game developers.

Purchase an Oculus Rift headset and you can transport yourself to a venue that is located on the virtual top floor of a modern skyscraper building – the casino boasts a lounge, bar and masses of slot machines.


There have been huge debates about the impact modern technology has had on society, but it is fair to say that virtual reality developments will enrich the experience of gambling at an online casino.

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