Why Pest Control is a Necessity, Not a Luxury


It is easy to say pest control isn’t really necessary and that having various bugs and animals in and around your house isn’t a big deal, but it really is. There are serious health concerns that come along with living closely with pests, but there are also ways in which these pests can cause permanent damage to your home if they are left unchecked.


Did you know that many common household pests can have a negative impact on the health of you and your family? Some of the pests that can have the most negative impact on an individual’s health include the following.

  • Bed bugs – Bites can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Cockroaches – Can cause allergic reactions, asthma, and food contamination.
  • Lice – In addition to the well-known rashes and skin irritations, lice can also spread diseases such as trench fever and typhus.
  • Mice and Rats – Can spread rodent-borne diseases and contaminate food sources. They can also carry the fleas that spread the plague in some areas.
  • Mosquitoes – Spread numerous diseases such as Zika, malaria, West Nile, dengue fever, yellow fever, and more.
  • Scorpions – Stings can result in difficulty breathing, nausea, and vomiting. Stings can be especially dangerous for children and pets.
  • Ticks – Ticks carry a variety of diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, and ehrlichiosis.

No matter where you live, there are native pests that can cause health problems for you and your family. It is important to find a company that is well versed in the specific types of pests found in your immediate area. For optimal pest control in Kansas City, for example, residents should choose someone with dedicated offices and expertise in their immediate area rather than a generalized experience for the region.


Even if your home is in an urban area, you need to have a proactive approach to mosquito control. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that urban areas are increasingly being exposed to mosquitoes and the diseases with which they are associated. They also note the devastating effects other pests can have on the structural security of homes and places of business that are inundated with pest problems.

Rodents are especially damaging to structures. They will chew through building materials to access new areas and may use other material to create nests. If the problem elevates to an infestation, they may also begin to chew and destroy electrical wiring which could at best cause damage to individual appliances or light fixtures and at worst pose a fire hazard. So it is best to call a rat control service for assistance.


In addition to the objective damage to the structure of your home and health, there is also the subjective damage to your level of enjoyment while at home to take into consideration. When there are pests in the home such as roaches or mice it causes an elevated level of stress. It becomes more difficult to feel relaxed while at home and people become less likely to entertain friends and family.

This can effectively limit your support network and may damage interpersonal relationships over time. This doesn’t happen instantly, of course, and because it happens slowly any people are not aware of the impact it is having on their ability to enjoy their home. It seems trivial at first and then as it becomes more problematic it can feel like an overwhelming problem.

Even if the pest problem at your home has become larger than you expected, a professional pest control service can come in and remedy the problem with very few visits and then a maintenance program can prevent the pests from returning – which will dramatically improve your ability to enjoy your home once again.

There is nothing wrong with trying to save money on pest control. In fact, many of the tips you will find will make it easier to keep pests out and save money whether you have decided to hire a flea removal professional to assist in the process or not. However, the most important thing is that there are proactive measures in place to reduce the number of pests in and around the home for the health and safety of yourself and your home and your ability to enjoy both fully.


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