Why You Must Always Have The Social Security Card With You

You cannot think of living without a Social Security card because the social security number is an essential requirement to accomplish several tasks in daily life. Only mentioning the number does not help often and you must have the card with you. If you lose your social security card or it gets damaged or stolen, you must immediately apply for a replacement card. There is a system in place to obtain your social security card by filing an online application. The online application replaces your social security card.

In addition to the above reasons for seeking a replacement security card, there are some other reasons too.  You may have to change the name appearing on the social security card or any other information mentioned in the card for which it is necessary to apply for a replacement card. Above all, if you do not have a social security card, you must apply for a new card.

Many different situations as mentioned in this article necessitate the use of social security card.

Opening a bank account

For opening a bank account although it is not mandatory to furnish the social security card for verification, many banks insist for it or ask for a copy.  Some other banks follow the practice of mentioning the social security number only. The social security card is acquiring more importance for opening a bank account because of the rise in incidents of identity theft that results in stealing billions of dollars from banks. Only after banks do proper verification of your identity by checking the social security card that they allow you to open an account.

To get a passport

Proving your identity is mandatory when you are applying for a passport, and the best way of doing it is to use the social security card that carries all personal information. To prove that you are the person mentioned in the application for a passport, the information provided in the social security card is most authentic.  Providing the card makes it easy to obtain a passport and other allied travel documents.

For employment

Before offering a job to you, employers would carry out a thorough verification of your identity and conduct a background check about you. They rely heavily on the social security card that assures them of your identity beyond any doubt which is why they ask for a copy of the card and might verify the original. When applying for a job, you must have the social security card in your possession to avoid any delay in processing your application which otherwise could get rejected.

Buying a health insurance policy

Establishing your identity to health insurers is must and is the reason why they insist for furnishing the details of social security card details followed by its verification. Sometimes, it might be necessary to show them your card.

From seeking admission to a new school or college to finding financial aid in college and even when applying for a driver’s license, recreational license or credit card, you cannot do without the social security card.