Why You Should Hire a Professional Video Production Agency?

There was a time when television was the only medium where brands could place video content to market themselves. This medium was considered one of the most expensive media and therefore smaller companies usually avoided this medium. However, today we are in the age of smartphones and social media where your brand story can easily be played on your customer’s handheld gadget. This is one of the most aggressive tools to market your product. Unfortunately, many newbies take video production for digital platforms lightly and rely on phone cameras or DSLRs to produce their content. This is one of the biggest blunders that you can make. Here is why every brand needs to hire a professional video production company,

Content is King

We are living in an era where competition is fierce, information is on everybody’s fingertips and there is an information overload. In such a chaotic clutter of information, it is very important to grab the attention of your target audience and ensure that your audience is hooked to your message, product, service or idea. That is only possible when you can produce great content.

Good content for any brand would be the one that will tell a great story that is both engaging and relatable. This means you will need an amazing script, great camerawork, perfect shots, good sound and music, and exceptional editing. Moreover, you need to understand what kind of content can be optimized for which platform. This is something that professional video production companies can pull off very well.

Professional Team

When you are marketing your brand, you will need multiple content that will go online in a given time. A single video requires a dozen different specialty areas such as direction, camera, editing, lighting, storyboarding, scriptwriting, set designs and a lot more to be handled. You cannot rely on a single person to do all these tasks on his own. Professional video production companies have dedicated departments with multiple human resources that specialize in each of these areas, and they work together to produce the content that you decide professionally.

Professional Equipment

If you think you can promote your product with a shot taken from your iPhone in an era of high-quality photo equipment, you are in for a disaster no matters how sophisticated your phone camera or even your DSLR is, it can never give you the results if professional camera and lenses. Professional video production agencies have access to all the high-end camera equipment that you can benefit from. It makes sense for those agencies to invest in that equipment because they produce content for multiple clients regularly. However, it does not make sense for an individual brand to buy such expensive equipment that will not be used after the purpose is served.

Freelancers are Unreliable

A lot of people argue that in the age of cyber connectivity and remote working, freelancers can be used for content creation. However, when it comes to video production, freelancers can be a huge risk. Firstly, since a single person cannot do all the different tasks, you will need different freelancers to work in different areas. Besides that, you cannot risk your freelancer bailing out on you at the last moment. Any delay at the freelancer’s end will affect your timeline and may also impact your costs.

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