An Overview Of The Effects Of Work Environment On Employees’ Productivity – How To Choose The Office Space That Best Suits Your Needs?

The place where we spend most of our times has an immense impact on our mental and physical well-being, and it directly affects our productivity and performance level. The more satisfied we feel with the physical environment, the better the outcomes and results we tend to produce. Therefore, it is essential for every company, irrespective of its scale of operations and age, to provide its employees with a workspace that makes them feel comfortable, safe, and secured. Be it the temperature or the circulation of air, be it the lighting system or the level of noise, every aspect of the work environment influences the concentration, productivity and job satisfaction of the employees. Read below to know how certain other factors can stimulate employees of any company.

  • Heat causes lethargy which can paralyze performances. Proper air-conditioning systems with an air handler unit to maintain a pleasant room temperature and regulate the extreme external temperatures can increase the concentration and as a result, the productivity of employees. If you’re experiencing a heat pump coil frozen, call in the experts. Only a qualified HVAC technician can say for sure why your heat pump is frozen.
  • Different colors impact people in a different way. You might find the color purple soothing, but for me, it might feel unpleasant to be around purple walls. How we get affected by different colors depends on our culture, education, as well as our genes. Since colors affect the moods of people, the color scheme of a working space should be chosen. In addition, make sure that the office lighting is pleasant, you may invest in commercial light fixtures from commercial light fixture retailers to have a lighting system that is not too dim nor too bright, just perfect for a working environment.

  • It has been found out that humans can interact actively and passively with plants. This acts as a stress-buster, and it lightens the environment. Potted plants in office interiors can directly affect the attitudes and behavior of employees.
  • How noise can affect concentration is known to all. However, in an office setting, it is not quite possible to assure absolute silence. Other than the constant chattering of people around, the noise generated from telephones, computer keypads, and other machines can also directly affect the productivity. Taking care of minor issues by saying, requesting all to keep their phones on vibrating mode and installing floor covers like carpets can make a big deal of change in the concentration and, hence the productivity of employees. Commercial Epoxy is also an option to consider for office floor improvement.

Now having understood the effects of different aspects of workspaces on an employee’s performance, let’s proceed with certain dilemmas that one might face while deciding on the right kind of office space. Does an open office space get too noisy and disturbing for the employees or does it encourage open communication and facilitates easy access to colleagues, subordinates as well as seniors? Does a traditional workspace make the work environment dull and easily bores the employees, creating a clear bifurcation between the superiors and subordinates or is it appropriate for companies that need its employees to have their privacy and lets them handle confidential information in a better way? Does the latest trend of co-working space encourage increased networking and aids in cost-cutting or is it not the appropriate 100% substitute for an exclusive office environment?


While there are offices in buildings that are newly constructed with the latest technology in place and conveniently located in the heart of the city, there are also workplaces that are located in places that are not very convenient and has minimal amenities to offer. Regardless of the office grade, certain aspects of office space are essential, such as reception areas, conference or meeting rooms, private cubicles, restrooms with adequate restroom partitions, recreational areas and some open space for employees to relax and take a break. It is therefore recommended to personally check offices of different types before you zero in on your type as well as to check any upgrades like interior design, commercial concrete with the help of a masonry contractor, etc. that can be considered to improve the appearance of your workplace.

If you have the right answers to these questions below, you can choose the best office space for your employees.

  1. Does the cost suit your budget? This question is crucial and should be the first point of consideration. If you are a new company or a start-up with no signs of positive income in the next 3 years, you must know that capital expenditures should be curtailed as much as possible. Even, if an international company is in question, costs of setting up a new office space remains a matter of consideration owing its impact on the balance sheet of a company.
  2. Is the location convenient for your clients and employees? The location of your office should be conveniently accessible to your local as well as outstation clients. Since traveling can be extremely consuming, a workplace closer to the heart of the city or any part of the city that is connected well through various means of transport can prove to be really
  3. If you grow, will you have enough space to expand? Every business is expected to grow, growth in terms of revenue as well as a human So, consider a workspace which has a buffer. If you expand or hire new employees, you must be able to accommodate them comfortably. Congested working space can actually turn out to be a negative working condition for your employees.
  4. Do you require your employees to communicate and collaborate quite often? If yes, then open working spaces are the right option for you. Open offices lack cubicles or private spaces for seniors and super-seniors which enables free communication between employees of every hierarchical level, thus acting as a fertile ground for innovation. However, do not forget that spreading of contagious diseases and constant distractions are a part of such a workspace.
  5. Do you require your employees to have their respective private spaces with lesser needs of engagement? If yes, then a private office is your answer. These offices settings have the least possible scope of distractions and can act as incentives for promotions. Higher, on the flip side, such office spaces can turn out to be really expensive and heavy on your budget.
  6. Are you okay with sharing your working space with other companies for the sake of cost-cutting? The answer to this question for most of the new-gen start-ups would be a yes. With a limited number of employees and scale of operations, you shouldn’t mind going for a co-working space.

Before you choose the office space that best suits your needs, consider the points above!

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