Awesome Google Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using


There are many different online tools and platforms that have been created with business professionals in mind. But why buy lots of different tools from various companies, when one of the most reputable Internet companies have created a wide range of various tools and platforms that entrepreneurs can take advantage of. And what’s more, most of them are free with some premium features that you can choose to use if and whenever needed.

Not sure which of the Google products are worth it? Here are some that all business leaders need to use.

Google Hangouts

 Sometimes, it can be difficult choosing the best means of communication in the office environment. For example, when your employees are working hard, you might not want to disturb them by talking to them. However, they might not notice an email that you send them. That could go unanswered for quite a while. This is where Google Hangouts comes in. It’s an instant messaging service. So, next time you have a quick question, you just need to ping it across in an IM!

Google AdWords

 Speak to any digital marketing agency worth their salt, such as the guys at, and they will tell you that a paid search campaign is one of the best ways to increase your traffic over the long term. One tool that can really help you with this is Google AdWords. You need to bid on the best keywords that are related to your company and sector. These can then be used in targeted adverts that appear right at the top of Google search results.

Google Analytics

 Want to know how well your website is performing? If so, you need to use Google Analytics. Once installed, this handy little tool will be able to give you lots of data and insights into all the traffic that comes onto your site. You’ll be able to see the top demographics as well as most popular sources of traffic. If you aren’t sure how to use this data, guides such as this one at can really help you figure it out.


Google Drive

 If you struggle to remember to backup all of your important and secure documents and contracts, you might want to start using Google Drive. This is a platform that lets you create word docs, spreadsheets, and other types of documents. It uses a cloud-based service so that these are all securely stored online. So you won’t lose them even if your laptop breaks! Plus, you can easily invite collaborators to work on each document with you.


 Social media is incredibly important these days as it can really help you increase your business’s coverage. Ideally, you should be using as many different social platforms as possible, even Google+. This might not be as popular as the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but it gives you another way to publish news and reach new customers.

Not using any of these great Google products? Time to change that and reap all the benefits!


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