Eliminate Negativity & Live the Good Life

snake bite head

Negativity can be likened to a venomous snake that surprises us while on a garden path, or worse yet bites us before we even become aware of its presence. The venom it pumps into the wound not only surges into the body opening doors for disease, but it effects the mind, relationships and judgment.

Ask yourself these questions to determine if this slick enemy has drawn you into its den of defeat.

Do you feel like you are a slave? Are shackled to your desk, your position or your company? Have you lost your enthusiasm for life and feel like you are barely getting by while drowning in a loss of creativity?

Do you complain about your relationships? Do you tend to see what your partner doesn’t do but should? Do you see the dark side of your friends rather than who they really are on the inside beaming with potential?

Sometimes we find ourselves in negative ruts, not sure how we got there but certain we can’t climb out. Depending on whom we surround ourselves with; negativity can start to seem normal, incapacitating us to view the dangers thereof.

In order to eradicate the barrage of a negative mind set and slide into a power gear for positive forward thinking, consider these tips:

Take Charge of Your Thoughts – Not every idea that creeps into our heads belongs to us. We are beings on a planet with outside influences constantly seeking an avenue for expression. When the negative first appears in our head, it is best to nip it there with our words. It is impossible to think on one thing and speak out loud on another and have both attain equal access.

Try this on for size: Count out loud from 1-100. In the midst of your counting announce your name, address and phone number. Did you have to stop focusing on the counting to do so? Did the personal information over ride the numbers you were on? We can also use this same tactic when negative thoughts harass us.

It’s not enough to use will power to wish them away to the corn field, we need to say what we want to see and have in our lives. When thoughts of darkness, defeat, or defensiveness make their appearance instead declare “I choose to believe the best of this situation”. “All things are working together for my good.”

Be the Captain of Your Soul – Thoughts are things and they stir up emotions; good or bad. Just as a captain gives orders on a ship, it is our responsibility to command out thought life to work for us not against us. Start the day fueling your mind with thoughts of gratitude and healing words over your relationships. Plan your day for prosperity by expecting divine appointments, favor and finances coming to you from un-expected resources. Wouldn’t that be better than moaning and groaning over un-paid bills and piles of debt?

Our bank accounts, our bodies and our brain will obey what we command it to do. Your voice is your address, so let it be known that you are only receiving health, goodness and grace. This is your life! Why not live it empowered with positive fuel for the life you long to live?

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  1. I live by this rule! 😉