Poker: The Secret Hobby of Celebrities


There is no denying we idolize our celebrities. We all have our favorites who we look up to, whether that’s a sportsperson, singer, actor, or indeed any star who catches our eye. Most of the time, this is probably due to their profession. Usain Bolt is known for being the fastest man, and Tobey Maguire will forever be the lead in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman, as well as famed for his portrayals in Seabiscuit and The Great Gatsby.

However, it turns out that these two men are among other celebs who have developed a new skill. Poker. That’s right, several of our much-loved stars have a secret passion for the card game, playing both in live games and online. It’s time to explore why some of our celebs have developed an itch for poker and how they like to play. 

Sporty Stakes

Believe it or not, sports players don’t spend all their time working out and competing in sports tournaments. When the camera is not on them, it’s amazing to find out how many sporting heroes enjoy a spot of poker. Usain Bolt, Rafael Nadal, and the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, are just a selection of the world’s fittest who are known to take an interest in the card game. 

Phelps seems to have made poker one of his pastimes since retiring from his successful swimming career, having held poker tournaments for charity and taking part in some of the world’s biggest poker tournaments. It runs in his family too, with him losing out on the top position in poker to his wife Nicole. Usain Bolt is another fan of the game, calling it “fun, social and competitive”. 

Poker Goes to Hollywood

If the thought of your athletic idols loving poker is not enough, the popular form of gambling is famous in Hollywood too, with actors who have graced the red carpet also appearing in casinos or participating in a game of online poker in between shooting scenes for their latest movie. As mentioned, Tobey Maguire is someone known to enjoy poker in live form and online.

When you are a Hollywood star and have a busy schedule, opportunities to play must be rare. Online poker websites must therefore be a popular choice, especially if, like Tobey, you are the star and want to access sit & go tournaments or just a simple practice game easily no matter where you are. According to ‘Poker Princess’ Molly Bloom, Tobey is competitive and not one for losing, so we bet he’d take the chance to practice his poker skills whenever he can.

The owner of the Viper Room has given an indication that Tobey’s fellow poker playing Hollywood stars are a lot more gracious when playing. Good Will Hunting’s famous duo Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are known to be fans of the game. Damon even went on to star in 1998’s Rounders, a film focusing on poker itself.

So, whilst we may not realize it, many of our beloved celebrities are serious gambling enthusiasts. Whether it’s poker or other popular casino games such as blackjack and roulette, we can certainly say that our stars have a love for all things gambling. They may have managed to keep it a secret up until now but we know that they love a good casino game.

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