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There are numerous documented, witnessed accounts of healings I have facilitated, as well as public predictions that have come about.  I was born with Gifts of The Spirit; namely, intuition and healing.  I do not heal people with my energy; rather, God and God’s Angels heal through me.   Typically, emotional issues and mental chatter are addressed before the physical ailment.  Then healing is able to come about in the physical body, as well as to the many aspects of life – relationships, career, family, prosperity, et cetera.      

From what I have witnessed, damage caused by stress and its core issues head the list of ’cause.’  When I have a client, I do not need to know specifics.  Rather, the healee brings up emotional pain, feels the pain and then releases the pain by breathing it away to the Angels.   Typically, healing is achieved through a series of sessions.  Occasionally, there is spontaneous healing.     Talkers Magazine’s Michael Harrison says, ‘She’s the real deal.’  

Two of my objectives in writing this series of articles are first, to give you simple self-healing techniques, and secondly, an opportunity to experience healing that is sent to you.  In these posts I will also provide you with explanations and examples.  Each week, I will set aside a day and hour whereby I will send healing to those who leave their first name and what  they are looking to achieve.  

‘Times, they are a changing!’  More than likely, you see change around you.  You have greater awareness; for example, it’s becoming increasingly easier to see people for who they are.  You see a division between two distinctly different groups that is growing, not mending.  You may need more sleep, or you are losing time.   Many people feel that something very big is going to happen very soon.  Awareness may come about through dreams or insights that come seemingly out of nowhere.  Some people think that this is the end of the world.  This is NOT true.  But it is an ending of sorts.

Change produces stress!  It’s a natural reaction, but it doesn’t mean that we have to be stuck there.  There are techniques anyone may do to release stress, find peace, and bring love, joy and prosperity into life!  One way is to use the Higher Vibrations that are coming to Earth through the heavens in mediation or prayer.  This will also help you to open up to your own intuition and understanding.

Allow me to explain one of the  sources of healing energy.  Geometry that is within great architecture, and the hidden geometry in timeless sculptures and paintings engage and move us.  When the planets form precise geometric shapes in the heavens, they too produce energy.  For example, when planets combine to form an exact triangle, there is favorable energy.  When planets combine to form squares, there are major events and conflicts.  On the positive side, the energy of squares spur us to action.

The Three Wisemen mentioned in the New Testament had to have been astrologers and astronomers.  They were following a star.  In those days, planets were called stars.  They were following the king planet, Jupiter, because they knew from the geometry in the sky that a great king was to be born. 

King Herod’s astrologers also gave him the same prediction.  However, Herod took this information and had all baby boys murdered, so as to eliminate his ‘competition.’  Thus, as God’s Gift to all of us is freewill choice, astrology signs may be positive or negative, depending upon how we use them.

We all know that our own star, the Sun, eclipsed the center of our galaxy (the Galactic Rift) on December 21, 2012.  Whenever one heavenly body eclipses or precisely conjuncts over another heavenly body, an opportunity is created.   On December 21, 2012, a BIG opportunity was created by our BIG Sun eclipsing the REAL BIG Galactic Rift.

Since then, there have been numerous high-powered astrological signs in the heavens.  For example, there was a rare Star of David aspect on July 29, and an upcoming Star of David aspect on August 26.  The Star of David is composed of two precisely intersecting equilateral triangles; thus, there is a double possibility.  (A Star of David was in the heavens at the time King David of Old Testament fame was born.  Yes, astrology has been around for thousands of years.)

To the Mayans, reading signs in the heavens was like glimpsing into The Mind of God.  Jesus said that there will be signs in the Heavens during this time that we are living in.  Could it be that those signs are astrological signs?

God’s Angels have connected these and other highly-charged astrological signs with a Golden Thread.  You may work with the energy of these signs by connecting to the Golden Thread in meditation and/or prayer by focusing up.  Or ask God’s Angels to show you these signs and what they may do for you.  Keep your mind silent by breathing away thoughts.  Simply feel positive energy coming to you and stress leaving.  Know that God’s Will will be done.  Manifest your dreams.

On Monday, August 26, at 3:00 pm, EDT, I will send healing out to all who request it.

If you would like to learn more about geometry in the heavens, go to my blog 

Kathleen Ann Milner

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  1. Hi Kathleen!
    I have felt this anxiety for uncertainty since the beginning of the year!, I really look forward for the big change. However I have noticed other changes that are quite important and significant in my life. I feel however more conscious of the things that by ignorance or lack of reflexion I have drawn into my life with the obvious results…
    And it seems that being more aware of the truth gives a kind of knowledge that settles but don’t make me feel exactly as a winner in this shift for the better…
    What stress me is the thought… What about if I have not heal, work out enough of my debts, karma or ” causes” to achieve/ save ones bacon… Hehehe…
    I know that Jesus is in between… I just pray that I am able to take me and my little family to our true path, and be safe.
    I will take chance of this special days where the energy is high and meditate. 🙂