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Power Spray Rig Filtration – Straining for Results

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I estimate that 50% of the power spray rig repairs we make for our customers are avoidable, and the majority of those are caused by filtration problems. Here are my thoughts on filtration; I would like to hear yours. Filtration is a critical consideration in power sprayer design, but often gets little consideration. Most […]

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5 Reasons To Consider Going Into Politics

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If you’re a political science major, you’ll have plenty of job options when you graduate. You could be a policy analyst, a political social media manager, go on to law school, or one of many other positions. However, you might want to consider not only working with politicians but becoming […]

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Andrew Mok – Disrupting the Car Rental Industry

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Andrew Mok – Disrupting the Car Rental Industry

Andrew joined Turo in January 2012 and worked on everything from finance to marketing and analytics. As CMO, Andrew is focused on making Turo an iconic brand globally. Previously, Andrew was VP of Growth at DogVacay, strategy consultant at Bain & Company, and front-end developer for Life360. He graduated from UC […]

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Take Care of Your Power Sprayer Pump

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There are a number of steps you and your staff can take to get better results from your power sprayer pump. These simple steps, if followed, can: – Improve pump performance, – Reduce pump down time, and – Extend pump life. 1. Pump Selection. Selecting the correct pump for your application is […]

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Power Sprayer Tank Repairs

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I just read a great post by Keith Berglind,the platicguy, about repairing plastic tanks. We have had a lot of success in repairing fiberglass tanks. As long as the damage is not too great, along a seam, or covered in chemical (e.g., herbicide or pesticide), we get a good, long-lasting repair. […]

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We’ve Waited for Blockchain Disruption for a Long Time – and It Seems Our Wait Is Finally Over

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While the idea of a decentralized peer-to-peer network storing encrypted data has been around for almost half a century (it was primarily a theoretical solution to the notorious Byzantine Generals’ Problem), actually constructing a functioning blockchain was impossible until just a decade ago. And ever since our hardware reached a […]

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Extend Your Weed Control Sprayer Life

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IHere are a few ideas to extend the life of your weed control spray rig. 1. Herbicides are very tough on sprayers (generally much worse then insecticides). The herbicides can eat rubber o-rings, hoses, diaphragms, etc. After each use, be sure to use all the herbicide. Rinse the tank with clean […]

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Trading Should Not Be A Living Hell To Traders

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The profession of yours which helping earning money should be good to your head. You must be thinking that our statement is wrong. It should be, our professions should be treated well by us. This is true for many professions. We just stated it in a passive way. For good […]

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Art At The Arnold – The Ultimate Artist Workout

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Art At The Arnold – The Ultimate Artist Workout

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Artists using a variety of media will portray athletes and sports action at the Tenth Annual Art At The Arnold during the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Art At The Arnold features three days of drawing, painting, sculpting and other artistic media using […]

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Tips on Buying a New Power Sprayer

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Common Mistakes to Avoid Buying equipment without planning exactly what you need Not asking for help or advice Buying one sprayer for every possible application Buying what the salesman is selling instead of what you need Buying solely on price Not knowing what you’re getting (even the little parts matter) Questions […]

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