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12 Strategies to Increase Employee Productivity

October 20, 2017 4:25 PM0 comments

  Your employee productivity will determine your business efficiency. It is therefore essential for companies to continually look for ways to improve its operations. To help your company become a productivity powerhouse, we are providing 12 strategies to increase employee efficiency. Improve the Recruitment Process While it is essential employees […]

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Pest Control Sprayer Problems

October 19, 2017 1:01 AM0 comments
Pest Control Sprayer Problems

Are  pest control sprayer problems impacting your schedule and hurting your productivity? A pest control technician came in and told us his pest control pump was not working properly. After a review of his equipment, we found that the feeder hose from his tank to his pump was folded around part of the pest control […]

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Injured At Work? Here’s How To Decide Between Worker’s Compensation Or A Personal Injury Lawsuit

October 18, 2017 12:25 PM0 comments

  If you’ve ever pulled a muscle or gotten a paper cut while working, you’ve probably had at least one co-worker jokingly say, “worker’s comp!” When you’ve really hurt yourself at work, though, filing a worker’s compensation claim is no joke—it might be exactly what you need to get compensated […]

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Tax Debt Holding You Back? Here Are 4 Ways Cut A Deal With The IRS

12:23 PM0 comments

  Owing defaulted tax payments to the IRS isn’t a situation anyone wants to find themselves in, but it can happen to anyone when unexpected disruptions to your finances occur and you end up short when April 15th rolls around. The Federal government isn’t always the friendliest institution to deal […]

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4 Strategies and Tips for Rideshare and Delivery Drivers Dealing with Unruly Customers

11:12 AM0 comments

  If you’re a rideshare driver, chances are you have a pretty good idea of how your ideal rider acts, right? They’re quiet. They’re courteous. They tip well. But have you ever thought about what your worst nightmare of a rider might end up looking like? Given ridesharing’s absolutely insane […]

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Prevent Pest Control Sprayer Problems

1:25 AM0 comments
Prevent Pest Control Sprayer Problems

Some pest control sprayer problems are avoidable. This photo shows an unsecured Birchmeier Backpack in the back of a pest control spray vehicle. This creates a risk that the backpack sprayer could become airborne in the event of an accident, or the backpack strap could get tangled in the spinning engine shaft and […]

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Factors to Consider Before Becoming a Landlord

October 17, 2017 3:46 PM0 comments

  If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra money, getting into the real estate rental market is a lucrative option. With the right house in a popular location, you can easily attract tenants to occupy the property for a decent amount each month. Though being a landlord […]

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Midcareer Malaise: How to Inventory Your Assets & Discover Big Opportunity

October 16, 2017 10:27 AM0 comments

It’s your first day on the job. You laid your outfit out the night before, making sure everything was perfectly pressed. You arrive ten minutes early, eager to start the day. You take your place and dive in. When starting a new professional position, there is a freshness and excitement […]

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How Your Business Can Benefit From Large Format Printing

October 13, 2017 2:55 PM0 comments

  As new technologies in the printing world come to the fore, large format printing has become more cost-effective and easy to use. Today, you can print on just about every type of surface, making it possible to create attention-grabbing graphics and custom texts to attract more customers and grow […]

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3 Ways Having A Pool Can Affect Your Finances

2:49 PM0 comments

  If you live in an area that has hot summers, you’ve likely thought about putting in a pool at your house. Especially if you have older children, having a pool can be a lifesaver as the weather gets warmer. However, owning and operating a pool isn’t all fun and […]

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